Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoe pictures

Here they are. Cause im bored.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Shoes

I went up to Second Sole to pick up my new Free Brooks running shoes for completing the Akron marathon. I ended up with the Brooks Defyance. They felt good at store and salesdude said they were closest to what I normally run in. I wasnt too thrilled with the color a kind of lime green and white, my wife already said its an ugly color but hey their free so whos complaining. Yep all I had to do was marathon train for 16 weeks, hill work, speed work, long runs, pay my application fee and run 26.2 tough hilly miles. Yep that was all. Of course I probably would of done all that anyways.

I should have some pictures to post later this week. I even took a couple of the shoes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Akron Marathon

Im starting to hate relay runners.

The story about the hills are true. Its a tough hilly marathon. But I suppose I could go into a few more details. I got up early so I could drive to Akron by 6 AM. I met up with Rick about 5 and off we went. Glad we did cause parking was rather confusing. We found a deck not too far from the finish and went there. I got ready and we made way to start. Well actually the bathrooms near the starting line. Time was getting close, we got in the corral looked for right area to line up. They had announcements and said they had 10,000 runners today. They had over 800 5 person relay runners so I guess its possible. It may of been biggest race I been to. I had debated about wearing my hat or not, I wanted it in case it rained like forecasted. By mile 3 I wish I had left it behind.

And off went. The first couple miles were very crowded. Actually most of race was crowded. Then I started making a classic mistake. We kind of decided to try to hit 4:15, a little aggressive but dont know if you dont try. I had run 4:37 in Cleveland in May. But even at that I was going too fast. Me and Rick were still running and hanging close to the 4:15 pace group. But if we were going to fast why was the pacer so close to us??

The miles started clicking away, great crowd support, and lots of runners make it seem to go faster. After a couple of relay exchanges I really started to hate the relay runners. Nothing like trying to hold an even pace then get passed by some fresh legged runners. The further into the race the worse it was.

At a water stop just past the 12 mile marker me and Rick got seperated. I ended up behind the 4:15 pace group for a while, Rick seemed to be picking up pace in front of them. I decided it wasnt worth the effort to catch him. I figured that was the last I would see him till the finish line. We had done alot of runs together and I wasnt surprised to see him pulling away. This section was on the Towpath trail, made of crushed limestone, was nice to get off ashphalt for a few miles.

I had gotten just ahead of the 4:15 pace group when we were going under the halfway mark sign. It really was a big banner. Problem is I think I psyched myself at this point. I realized I was 2 minutes ahead of a 4:15 pace. I started to panic that I was going get horrible cramps like I had in Cleveland. It can really played with my mind. I could hear the pacer behind me saying she was going for even effort, taking advantage of some downhills and the tough hills were coming up. Still I was kept thinking I had gone too fast anyways and should of saved energy for the hills. I had done lot more hill work for this then normal so I hoped it was enough. Not alot you can do about it now. Then about mile 17 near another one of those dam relay exchanges I saw Rick. He told me to keep going, he was hurting. Later found out that his calves cramped up so bad for a while he could barely walk. He even stopped at first aid station for a little bit.

After that I got a little bit better. Not much. I finally realized I had to just do whatever I could to get done. No point worrying about the time. Of course then I did something else I never do in training. There was a block party going on, some kid was there witha tray of tiny muffins. I took one and ate it. What the hell I never eat muffins on a run. Some days you just dont think. I kept doing my run/walk thing doing what I could. Tryed to mostly just run the up hills and water stops but that didnt exactly work out.

Last mile, finally. I started to talk to this guy at mile 25 marker and it seemed to help, distract from my legs not liking running at this point. Some how I managed to run the last 1.2 miles. Not fast but I ran it. I entered the Canal park, Akrons minor league baseball teams stadium, and was able to finish looking strong.

I finished in 4:30:02. I had hoped for better but considering it was 7 minutes faster then I ran in May in Cleveland I should be happy.

Many positives about this race:
Great medal.
Great shirt.
Lots of water stops.
Free shoes!!

Just a couple negatives:
Real tough/hilly course.
parking was tough to find.
I really hate those relay runners.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Counting down

Not long now, tomorrow morning I go to Akron marathon expo. They got a good list of vendors there. Not sure if I will see any speakers, Katherine Switzers is there might catch that. See how the day goes. Luckily I got tomorrow off work. So wont be pressed for time. Still debating whether to run tomorrow morning or not. I usually overtaper, but this time doing a little more. I didnt run today and I was thinking of doing 3 today or tomorrow morning. A Saturday marathon has slightly different logistics. But didnt have to worry about taking day after off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taper madness?

I usually keep this blog to running/racing related issues. That was my intention when I started this, for the most part. This is second of my 3 week taper so there's not alot to write about. Other then figuring out how much I want to run next week.

Instead of concentrating on my running lately, I have had an overwhelming issue in my life thats not running related. My 18 year old daughter, whos a senior in high school got pregnant. I found out on Tuesday and havent really had my mind on things. Didnt sleep much the last few days but last night really slept well. I know its not the end of the world, and I did manage not to really get mad. It wouldnt help anything anyways. I just dont feel like she realizes how much this is going to change her life. No im not thinking this will ruin her life, lots of people have managed fine with a baby early. I just wish she had finished high school at least first. A couple years from now would of been much easier to deal with. But it is what it is. She's my daughter and we all make mistakes so on we go.

I actually have run this week, amazing how much better you feel after a run, even a bad one. Well Wednesday was a good hill run so it made it even better. Akron marathon is in a week, and im hesitantly feeling confidant that I will do better then in Cleveland. I am thinking of signing up for the 4:15 pace group, which makes sense this is my goal.

Other parts of my life.

Im not just a runner. It has over the years become a major part of my life. I also golf. Every Friday in a real small league, maybe 10 guys show up every week. Amazingly enough this is the first time I have been in first place with a week to go. I have been golfing with them for 20 some years. Main reason im still there is my dad runs the league. Otherwise not sure how much I would golf, I never got that good at it anyways. Bogey golfer at best.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tapering weekend?

I did more this weekend then I had planned. I did 9 miles Saturday, in a downpour. It actually became a miserable run. I wanted to do something a little longer then normal on a Saturday. Since Akron marathon is on Saturday I had thought of doing long runs on Saturday but never did any. Stuck to my regular routine of running them on Sunday. This is my fourth marathon, can I have a regular marathon training routine?
By going longer Sunday it made it easier for me to run with my regular running buddys. I went with them today and got in 8 total. Felt good at the end, even though it was a hotter, humider then I expected.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday speedwork

I got in a last chance interval session, 8 half miles with 3:30 rest between each. I felt like it went welll. The first one I ran in 3:29. After that I try to keep within 5 seconds of it. I figure you did too much if you slow too much. Or started too fast. The rest went well, 3:24, 3:28, 3:27, 3:30, 3:28, 3:26. Fairly constitent, then last one gave it extra I had and finished with my best one, 3:22. Akron marathon is getting close. I actually dont have a taper plan, I may of actually misplaced my orginal training plan. Im sure I will figure something, since its mostly about getting to starting line with rested legs now.

Im not sure it makes sense but right now I feel more ready, in better shape then when I ran Cleveland. I actually ran more miles while training for Cleveland Marathon. But I attribute it to a few things:
* Better, more rest.
* More speedwork.
* More races. Raced myself into shape.
* probably the biggest, factor is im not hurt now. Got a shin splint right before my last long run before Cleveland and I guess I overtapered while trying to get it healed. Didnt work. But I finished. I do have some pain on top of foot, I still think its from my steel toes at work. I changed them but its still hasnt gone away. It could be something else but other then taking more time off I dont know what to do. Actually dont think its bothering me much running so will keep running and ice it after.

I do think more mileage would be a good thing, but trying to up it real slowly. In time I think I will get it up near 40 mpw, its about 30 right now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

long morning

Today started off good. I went to park with my buddy and got in our 20 miler. We both thought it was one of our best long runs. It was real humid but didnt feel overly hot. Now less then 3 weeks to go. But while I was at park running everyone was trying to get ahold of me. My dad was taken to hospital having chest pains and trouble breathing. I got home and changed and went to hospital. By this time he looked fine, sitting up talking, they had him on oxygen but was looking good. Apperantly I missed all the excitement. This evening my mom called and said he did have a heart attack. they say its a mild one, so guess thats good. Yesterday he looked fine and had gone golfing. So some time tomorrow morning they are doing a catherization and possibly putting a stint in if necassary. I knew it was going to be a long day, but not the way I thought. Its my daughters birthday and we were having a small family get together. We still did but felt more subdued I guess. My dad insisted we did and just said to save him a piece of cake. OF course this was before the tests came back and he knew what was going on. Well hopefully he will be back to normal soon, just makes you realize how fast things can change.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Buhl Day 5K

Today I went up to Hermitage for the Buhl Day 5K. Nothing like a race 5 minutes from home. Its a point to point race that runs along a parade route. the parade followed the race. People are lined up for the parade before we start the race so its kind of neat, being part of the parade I guess. I met up with my buddy and we did a mile or so warm up around the plaza. We got lined up, seemed like a decent crowd. Real sunny and was heating by time we got started.
Now you have to love this course. You get to run on a main road you never normally could. Plus the first mile is almost all downhill. It really helps that first mile. I thought had been running good and my recent speedwork had gone good. But on other hand I ran 12 miles the day before. Who runs 12 miles the day before they plan to run a hard 5K? Well I do know of 2 guys now. I decided to not hold back and go with the suicide approach to running it. I was going out has hard has I could and hoped I could hold on at the finish. I figured I could get a mile to mile and half at this pace.
We took off, we actually got led by a bunch of Harleys at start not that I saw them for long since I wasnt near the leaders. I got to the first mile marker, watch said 7:03. I have never run a mile that fast before! About the half way point we got into Buhl park, I run there alot so guess its nice to run a race there. I was right about falling off after the first mile, second mile I finished in 8:01. I usually run splits much closer. But with all the downhill the first mile I knew it would be faster.
I was trying to keep the same pace, and I saw the weather man in front of me. I was usually near him in races, beat him some of the time. I missed the 3 miler marker, which I had seen a couple days ago when I ran in park. I ran the last 1.1 in 9:01, not horrible but would of liked to finish a little stronger. I had let the weather man get a little to far ahead of me to catch, he finished right in front of me. Dang it. Total was 24:06 which is a PR for me! What more could you ask for? Dont think I had much more today but would of really liked to be under 24.