Sunday, September 7, 2008

long morning

Today started off good. I went to park with my buddy and got in our 20 miler. We both thought it was one of our best long runs. It was real humid but didnt feel overly hot. Now less then 3 weeks to go. But while I was at park running everyone was trying to get ahold of me. My dad was taken to hospital having chest pains and trouble breathing. I got home and changed and went to hospital. By this time he looked fine, sitting up talking, they had him on oxygen but was looking good. Apperantly I missed all the excitement. This evening my mom called and said he did have a heart attack. they say its a mild one, so guess thats good. Yesterday he looked fine and had gone golfing. So some time tomorrow morning they are doing a catherization and possibly putting a stint in if necassary. I knew it was going to be a long day, but not the way I thought. Its my daughters birthday and we were having a small family get together. We still did but felt more subdued I guess. My dad insisted we did and just said to save him a piece of cake. OF course this was before the tests came back and he knew what was going on. Well hopefully he will be back to normal soon, just makes you realize how fast things can change.

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