Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday speedwork

I got in a last chance interval session, 8 half miles with 3:30 rest between each. I felt like it went welll. The first one I ran in 3:29. After that I try to keep within 5 seconds of it. I figure you did too much if you slow too much. Or started too fast. The rest went well, 3:24, 3:28, 3:27, 3:30, 3:28, 3:26. Fairly constitent, then last one gave it extra I had and finished with my best one, 3:22. Akron marathon is getting close. I actually dont have a taper plan, I may of actually misplaced my orginal training plan. Im sure I will figure something, since its mostly about getting to starting line with rested legs now.

Im not sure it makes sense but right now I feel more ready, in better shape then when I ran Cleveland. I actually ran more miles while training for Cleveland Marathon. But I attribute it to a few things:
* Better, more rest.
* More speedwork.
* More races. Raced myself into shape.
* probably the biggest, factor is im not hurt now. Got a shin splint right before my last long run before Cleveland and I guess I overtapered while trying to get it healed. Didnt work. But I finished. I do have some pain on top of foot, I still think its from my steel toes at work. I changed them but its still hasnt gone away. It could be something else but other then taking more time off I dont know what to do. Actually dont think its bothering me much running so will keep running and ice it after.

I do think more mileage would be a good thing, but trying to up it real slowly. In time I think I will get it up near 40 mpw, its about 30 right now.

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