Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taper madness?

I usually keep this blog to running/racing related issues. That was my intention when I started this, for the most part. This is second of my 3 week taper so there's not alot to write about. Other then figuring out how much I want to run next week.

Instead of concentrating on my running lately, I have had an overwhelming issue in my life thats not running related. My 18 year old daughter, whos a senior in high school got pregnant. I found out on Tuesday and havent really had my mind on things. Didnt sleep much the last few days but last night really slept well. I know its not the end of the world, and I did manage not to really get mad. It wouldnt help anything anyways. I just dont feel like she realizes how much this is going to change her life. No im not thinking this will ruin her life, lots of people have managed fine with a baby early. I just wish she had finished high school at least first. A couple years from now would of been much easier to deal with. But it is what it is. She's my daughter and we all make mistakes so on we go.

I actually have run this week, amazing how much better you feel after a run, even a bad one. Well Wednesday was a good hill run so it made it even better. Akron marathon is in a week, and im hesitantly feeling confidant that I will do better then in Cleveland. I am thinking of signing up for the 4:15 pace group, which makes sense this is my goal.

Other parts of my life.

Im not just a runner. It has over the years become a major part of my life. I also golf. Every Friday in a real small league, maybe 10 guys show up every week. Amazingly enough this is the first time I have been in first place with a week to go. I have been golfing with them for 20 some years. Main reason im still there is my dad runs the league. Otherwise not sure how much I would golf, I never got that good at it anyways. Bogey golfer at best.

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Flo said...

You're gonna rock your marathon, Bruce, I just know it!!

Keep your chin up about your kid, that's tough but like you say, lots of people do it. Bet you'll be an amazing Grandpa, that's for sure.

But back to the running thing :), have a great tapering week and may the Running Gods infuse your legs with energy and speed in excess!!