Monday, September 1, 2008

Buhl Day 5K

Today I went up to Hermitage for the Buhl Day 5K. Nothing like a race 5 minutes from home. Its a point to point race that runs along a parade route. the parade followed the race. People are lined up for the parade before we start the race so its kind of neat, being part of the parade I guess. I met up with my buddy and we did a mile or so warm up around the plaza. We got lined up, seemed like a decent crowd. Real sunny and was heating by time we got started.
Now you have to love this course. You get to run on a main road you never normally could. Plus the first mile is almost all downhill. It really helps that first mile. I thought had been running good and my recent speedwork had gone good. But on other hand I ran 12 miles the day before. Who runs 12 miles the day before they plan to run a hard 5K? Well I do know of 2 guys now. I decided to not hold back and go with the suicide approach to running it. I was going out has hard has I could and hoped I could hold on at the finish. I figured I could get a mile to mile and half at this pace.
We took off, we actually got led by a bunch of Harleys at start not that I saw them for long since I wasnt near the leaders. I got to the first mile marker, watch said 7:03. I have never run a mile that fast before! About the half way point we got into Buhl park, I run there alot so guess its nice to run a race there. I was right about falling off after the first mile, second mile I finished in 8:01. I usually run splits much closer. But with all the downhill the first mile I knew it would be faster.
I was trying to keep the same pace, and I saw the weather man in front of me. I was usually near him in races, beat him some of the time. I missed the 3 miler marker, which I had seen a couple days ago when I ran in park. I ran the last 1.1 in 9:01, not horrible but would of liked to finish a little stronger. I had let the weather man get a little to far ahead of me to catch, he finished right in front of me. Dang it. Total was 24:06 which is a PR for me! What more could you ask for? Dont think I had much more today but would of really liked to be under 24.


flobaby said...

Yay Bruce! Congrats on a PR, that's wonderful!! Sub 24 is right around the corner for you, a cooler day and you'll be there, for sure.

Bruce said...

Thanks Flo, I only broke it by 3 seconds but its been over 2 years. And my times have been dropping the last couple months.