Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mama dont let your babies grow up to be runners

Runners arent easy to love and harder to stop,
They rather go for a run
Finishers medals and old faded race shirts each day begins a new run
Mamas dont let your babies grow up to be runners
Dont let them run intervals and cross country
Let'em be bikers and swimmers and such
Mama dont let your babies grow up to be runners
They'll never stay home always running alone
even with someone they love
Runers like race day and cool morning runs
water stops and girls in tights
And them that dont know them wont like them
and them that do wont always run with him
Mama dont let your babies grow up to be runners
Dont let them run intervals and cross country
Let'em be bikers and swimmers and such
Mama dont let your babies grow up to be runners
They'll never stay home always running alone
even with someone they love

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The forgotten blog

Yes I have been negligent with my blog. Its true I admit. I have been devoting my time to my podcast, http://bom1965.podbean.com/

I was hoping to do at least a weekly blog on its on, has well has keeping it has place for pictures related to podcast. But some times the best laid plans dont always happen. Now, if anyone still following this please give opinion of podcast, if you listen to running podcast give it a listen.

So whats happening with me? A quick update is im still running, done a slew of races, started running everyday, has of today September 29 I have run 62 days in a row. Last day off was july 29. Well I will try to do more updates.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend races

Just somne pictures from this weekend races.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Virtual runner for Epilepsy association

I'm a Virtual Runner

This fall, I’ve decided to dedicate my races to support the Epilepsy Association and the many programs and services the Association provides.

Epilepsy is a highly misunderstood neurological disorder affecting over 3 million Americans including over 326,000 children under the age of 14.

What’s it like to live with a seizure disorder? For many it’s like living with a time bomb in your brain. Uncontrolled, epilepsy can lead to brain damage, developmental delays and pre-mature death. There is also a strong connection between epilepsy and depression. This is why the social services provided by the Epilepsy Association are so important.

I've decided to run in support of the Epilepsy Association, the only community agency in northeast Ohio supporting individuals with epilepsy, their families and caregivers. They have been providing help for over 35 years.

I'm a runner and now I have the opportunity to make my miles count for something more.

Please support my efforts.

With your help, I'll use my miles to raise money and awareness for the Epilepsy Association.

My Mileage Goal is: 50 miles

My Races are:Panerathon 10K, Brookfield 5K, Ice Cream rac 5K,Buhl Day 5K, Peace Race 10K

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stars and Stripes 5K

Saturday I went over to Howland and ran in the Stars and Stripes 5K. Normally it is on the fourth but since 4th is a Sunday the changed it, of course the parade was still on 4th so I dont know. I guess this shows how much I go to church.
I got there and registered, regular cotton tshirt but did get a bag and a head band, reminded me of the old 70's style headband. I went did a little stretching, then a mile warm up with Rick, Todd and Todd's brother, who I forgot his name.
I lined up in middle of pack like usual. I got off to a decent start but wasnt able to keep it up the whole race, splits from my garmin show they dropped each mile. I knew th only hill was on mile 3 so I sort of expected it to be a little slower. I wasnt totally disappointed in my time, 26:15 about where my last couple 5K's have been. I just started doing some speedwork a few weeks ago so wasnt expecting miracles.

Overall a good race and may do it again some year. I trying to get a good time at the Presque Isle half marathon on july 18, If I was really worried about my time in this 5K might of not of done intervals Wednesday and 8 miles on Friday. But overall thought I had a good training week for the half.

If you want to hear me talk about it here's a link to my podcast.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book giveaway Ep. 6

Book giveaway Ep. 6

If your interested in winning a copy of The Extra Mile by Pam Reed listen to see how to get it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day

I got up this morning and met Steve at the Lilly pond parking lot in Mill Creek park. I had planned to do an 11 mile run, staying on roads most likely. Steve suggested jumping on the trails and I agreed. I figured it was hot and sunny the shade would help.

Well I was right about the shade, we did lot of the run on trails, a little bit of back and forth between roads and trails. But we totally changed what I had planned, really no big deal, my garmin kept the mileage. Trying to get ready for a half so the fact that we did 12.3 instead of 11 is fine.

During the day it kept heating up, which is normal . But Steve who claimed he had not done long run over 10 miles in long time sure didnt show it. He started picking it up the second half of the run. We did the first 6 miles in 1:16:58. Then did the next 6.3 miles in 1:11:56. Now I know its not a blazing fast pace (i know im slow and slower on trails.) but to do it in the heat on, on trails and then run longer then planed is a diffent story.

I got the run done and I had started the run looking for ways to add on to the run to reach 11 miles then in after 8 or 9 miles I started looking for fastest way back to the Lilly Pond parking lot.

Well overall it was a pretty good training week. Decent mileage for week, a good long run and speedwork. A couple more weeks like this I should do good in the Presque Half marathon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Thursday night I went to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Festival 5K. My daughter Megan and Granddaughter Riley went with me. They have a festival with 5K race, or is it other way around? I went for a warm up run planned to do a mile, got almost half mile out on course when Jim caught up to me, we ran to the first turn sign of the course. Jim's faster then me his warm up pace is faster then mine. Ended up doing 1.2 miles according to garmin. I think if I was going any further I wouldnt of stayed with Jim.

It was a warm evening, upper 70's. So didnt takea lot to warm up. My biggest problem wasnt the heat but my own stupidity. I got off work at 4 went home and ended up eating something. I had started to feel hungry so made myself a little something before the race. Naturally I ate too much.

After warm up ended up getting Meg some french fries, nothing beats festival fries. Especially for grease. Then I got to start line, chatted with a couple runners I knew. They have a short kids race, then we got started. I went out a little too fast but wasnt feeling totally horrible if not for the rock in my stomach. I got to the 2 mile mark and started to have some stomach cramps so last mile ended up being my worse one. I finished in 26:24 according to my garmin.

Overall this a fun race, cheap, with a downhill finish into the festival. Decent crowd for a Thursday night. Now I know I wouldnt of placed in age group but did have one complaint they passed out the age group awards right at finish line. No awards ceremony. To me its nice to gather with the other runners, many I know from other races, afterwards. Plus this race used to always have lots of door prizes. Not that I would win anything but when you run my pace having door prizes can keep you coming back. Of course they could of lost sponsors who gave the door prizes but I never found out. That would make a difference but way they do it now makes me feel like heres your award now get out the way. If you dont win one you dont need to know who did. Excuse me for letting my cynical side out.

After I got cooled off a bit and stomach had settled, I got a elephant ear and shared it with Riley. It was great, delious. I wasnt even hungry but who can go to a festival and not get an elephant ear to share with their granddaughter?

To hear me talk about it go here:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The podcast



I had thought about starting my own podcast for a long time. I know, I know, I dont think I actually mentioned it. If you read this for some time you might know im a long time listener of running podcasts.

So this past March I started to move towards it. I purchased a cheap digital recorder (which I hope to replace in near future) I looked for a mic to attach and record while running. I haven't found one yet but have a link to get one online if I decide to. Right now I just carry it while I record. Not the greatest quality but for now it will have to do.

I then downloaded audiocity on to the computer about the same time. Audicity is used to edit a digital recording. Im still learning how to use it. Basically learning on the go. I think have made some improvements in first couple episodes.

Finally, in April I took the rcorder out with me on a run. It was a distater. Unlistenable, most of what you could hear was the sound of me running with occasional background noise of me talking. So I put it a side for a month or so and finally after running the marathon gave it another attempt, this time not running. So I had a podcast.

I named it Confessions of a race addict, any doubt where I got that from? I wasn't sure if I wanted them to be intertwined but they are about the same topics. So while I dont want this blog that I have done for so long now to become just a place where I put links and pictures I mention in podcast I know it will be used for that also. Podcasting can be more time consuming. Hopefully some of the things I did in first couple episodes wont take me has long in the future.

So if you listen to podcasts maybe give it a chance. If you dont, no worrys I plan to keep blog alive like I have been doing.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

I start my 7 week training plan for the Presque Isle half this week. It has mondays and Saturdays has rest/cross training days. Which is good since I actually didnt run a monday or Saturday. So I took my grandaughter Riley to a small parade. Small town parade, some cars throwing candy, a few police cars, a few fire engines and a marching band. I was worried the noise of sirens or band would bother her but she barely noticed them, which is good the noise didnt bother her. Or she distracted getting her candy.

But the week looks like this, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I have 5 miles planned. Thursays are either tempo runs or Speedwork. THis week its says 4 miles at tempo pace, 6 total. Then a long run of 10 miles on Sunday. It could be a tough plan but I think I can get thru it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Podcast Challenge

Running Friends! We really need your miles for the month of May! The contest ends Monday! Thanks for your time!!!! Please sign up and help the Running Stupid podcast team. Its the last month of the challenge and would love your support!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recovery Week 2.

I think recovery is going well. Did 3 short runs so far this week. Feel ready to start training for my next race. Im still deciding on a June race but have my July goal race picked out. Its the Presque Isle Half Maraton on july 18. Its my 6th time running it. Im making a goal of getting a PR there. If you never been to Presque Isle its flat. Pancake flat. Maybe too flat.

So, Starting Monday, which happens to be memorial day I got a 7 week training plan to follow which I made using Runners Worlds smart coach found on their home page. It was a plan I thought I could follow without too many tweeks. Never know when you might need to switch a day around. So the plan for now is to work towards PRing in Presque Isle! And I may of found a race that serves both purposes, theres a Thursday evening race coming up in June the day im supposed to do speedwork. Dontcha love it when a plan comes together?

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 mile Sunday

Yesterday, unwise known has Sunday, I got in a 10 mile run. It was just my second run since the marathon. I started to feel those aches and pains in my legs around mile 7 or so. Not to mention the humidity was over 90%. This week hoping to get back to regular routine of running 5 days a week. Might only do 4 days but something to that effect would be nice. I was a couch slug enough this week. Really lacking motivation after marathon.

So to get me going I signed up for the Presque Isle half marathon. Next week im starting a 7 week training program for it. I want to PR there! Yep im going on record im going to try and break my half pr of 1:59:10. Its a flat course looping around Presque Isle. Only problem would be how hot is going to be. It is the middle of june. At least you can jump in lake Erie after the race. Now I just need a race in June to keep the race a month streak going, currently at 27 months in a row.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have hardly done anything this week. Probably not the best way to recover, im sure active recovery has its benefits. But I basically vegged till Friday. I did some stretching to try and work things out but no real exercise and no running. Finally Friday I went over to Mill Creek Park and did a run/walk on the trail loop around Lake Newport. Good thing I was planning to go slow. Calf was still sore a little, so wasnt going to be a fast run. But at least I got a run.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleveland Marathon '10

Me and wife after race, notice the medal.
Right before race.

Jenny, Me and Michelle at picnice
Riley with Cleveland Browns stadium in background.

The short story: Ran Cleveland Marathon in 4:47:12 chip time.

Now for the rest of the story.

Saturday morning I went up to the Cleveland marathon expo with the wife and my grandaughter Riley. Got there before it opened and we went for a nice walk around block and got little sight seeing, awesome view of Browns stadium. Got mine and Ricks bib and shirt/goodie bag. This was the first time I ever had to show my ID to get it, last 3 years just said who I was and my bib number. Not sure what prompted the change. Walked around a little bit and oddly enough didnt find anything that interested me enough to buy it. That was a first.
I Michelle at the expo from the Runnersworld and runango forums. I saw her and since I had never seen her before except pictures wasnt sure it was her. I was going to call earlier but had lost cell phone reception when I first went into convention center. Luckily, I was able to call her and we got to meet. We walked around a bit talking. She talked me into going to picnice. It was mostly RWOL people who I didnt know except for Jenny and Michelle. All seemed to be a great bunch.
Sunday morning, got up before the alarm went off. I got dressed, everything else was pretty much ready to go. Me and the wife left about 4:30. I got into what I thought was perfect deck to park, halfway to start and finish. I made quick trip to portajohn then finished getting ready. Applied the pacetat on my left arm. Need to work on positioning it properly seemed to be at wrong angle. I got to starting line, it was so crowded I didnt think I would be able to find Rick in the crowd but did shortly before start.
Cleveland was a sellout, up 60%this year, so it was more crowded then ever before. But I think overall fairly well organized. Race started started to the blaring sounds of "Cleveland Rocks!" What else would you expect at the Cleveland Rock and Roll marathon? Being in middle of pack it was slow start, over 5 minutes before I reached starting line. Ran with Rick for the first few miles we did all our long training runs together. I made a pit stop between mile 3 and 4 and never caught up to him.
After mile 9 when the course was headed east the wind seemed to pick up. Right in our faces, and we didn't change directions till mile 17. Of course shortly after mile 12 it got alot less crowded since thats where we split from the half marathoners.
The real fun started after mile 18, thats when my calf cramps started. I was able to keep running for most part for the next couple miles but last miles were mostly run couple minutes till calf cramped up then walk a few minutes to work it out. Took a few short stops to try and stretch it out but would only help for so long. I did finish in 4:47:12, Short of my 4:30 goal but I did finish, always my number one goal. Got a nice medal, new tech shirt and had a good weekend.

Summary 04:47:15 26.49 10:50

1 00:10:03 1.00
2 00:09:47 1.00
3 00:09:47 1.00
4 00:10:19 1.00
5 00:09:50 1.00
6 00:09:40 1.00
7 00:09:45 1.00
8 00:09:56 1.00
9 00:09:40 1.00
10 00:10:09 1.00
11 00:10:37 1.00
12 00:10:05 1.00
13 00:09:51 1.00
14 00:09:57 1.00
15 00:10:24 1.00
16 00:10:57 1.00
17 00:10:44 1.00
18 00:12:09 1.00
19 00:10:56 1.00
20 00:11:50 1.00
21 00:12:09 1.00
22 00:13:05 1.00
23 00:11:52 1.00
24 00:12:12 1.00
25 00:12:26 1.00
26 00:12:59 1.00
27 00:05:54 0.50

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week to go


Im tapering for the Cleveland Marathon, less then a week to go. Needless to say im starting to get excited. I dont think this has been my best training and like always I dont really feel ready. But im going for a 4:30. Can I do it? I have no idea.

I went 20 miles 3 times, twice it didn't go well. The last one crashed due to going out too hard and too much humidity. But im still going for my orginal goal just to see if I can do it. I even got a pacetat to help me stick to the pace. Im hoping not to go out too fast and pay for it the last 5-6 miles.

I also trying hammer gels this training cycle. I think its coming down to certain flavors. Some were fine, but had trouble with tropical. But Montana huckleberry and orange no problems at all. Finding right one for my stomach is the trick. I also going to use enduralyte tablets for this race. The one 20 miler I tryed them out I dont remember the calf cramps being bad at all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toe Running

If you are reading this then I am very excited to welcome you to the world of toe running! By now I'm sure that you have heard all the wonderful benifits that running on your toes can bring to your running. I won't waste your time by rehashing all the great things you stand to gain from this powerful new movement sweeping the country. I will simply describe what you will experience as life changing. The best part about all this is it won't cost you a dime. Let's see Newton, or Vibram make you the same promise! Enough talk, here are the four simple steps you can take to becomeing an instant toe runner.

Step 1: Place your regular running shoes flat on the floor in front of you.

Step 2: Insert sharp objects into heels of shoes. (I recommend a small rock just for the simple fact that they are easy to find and they are less likely to pierce the skin.)

Step 3: Put shoes on being very careful not to displace your object from the heel.

Step 4: Begin running and enjoy the new world of toe running!


Q: If I run with a sharp object in the heel of my shoe won't I hurt myself?
A: Actually studies have shown that after the intial shock of being stabbed in the foot the body releases an increased amount of dopemine which can help with overall endurence.

Q: What kind of rock should I look for?
A: This really is a matter of personal preferance but I like ones that are not so big that they lift me to high off the ground and also ones that are so small that float in the shoe to much.

Q: Do you have an instructional video for this technique?
A: Well at first I thought that one was not neccesary since the concept is so simple. I mean come on how hard is it to put a stupid rock in your shoe. Like most things though people have really surprised me, and there will be a video coming very soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April: The month in review

I must stay I felt overall April went very well. I set a new PR for most miles in a month. I finish April with 166.4 miles. I went in to Friday April 30th needing 3 miles to break the old record. I did 7. It wasn't one big week that did it, but a fairly consistent month and some long marathon training runs in there. Also unlike in March, due to illness, I got in all the planned speedwork I wanted to do. So it was a good month.
Other the last long run last Sunday, the 25th. Me and Rick went up to the Towpath Trail for are last 20 miler, we met Pam who I knew from dailymile.com. She's alot faster then me. But said she wanted a nice easy long run. We went out too fast and it was very humid out. We did the first 10 miles about a minute per mile faster then I should of. I did lot more walking, especially the last 4 miles. I got it done, oddly enough in about same time I finished my last 20 miler in. And it was a much hillier route though. We then proceded to the Winking Lizard for post run grease and liquid pain killers.
Now Im supposedly in taper mode. Cleveland here I come.............

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another good week

Last week ended up being a good week of marathon training. Not great, not horrible. I lived up to the title of my blog and did a race. Yes, I was able to keep my race a month streak alive.
It was the Steps Challenge 5K. I had a fun time at it. Not my best race time for a 5K but right where I expected to be. I guess everyone in my age group was at the Boston Marathon because I won my age group. Got to love small races, just under a 100 runners
Then, on Sunday I got in this weeks long run, 15 miles. Nothing spectacular to report. I met Rick at the Lilly Pond parking lot. Ran 15 miles, with a couple of pit stops. Tryed the chocalate hammer gel, no problems with it but not chocalate fanatic.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just did a 3 mile run today.. I cann't remember last time I ran that short. But due to time constraints lately and that looks like im going to be running 6 days this week instead of 5 I thought keeping it short was good idea. I'm signed up for a 5k race this Saturday, I did it for 2 reasons. First my cousin was talking about it and doing it has she is working out trying to lose something like 70 pounds. Plus it keeps my streak of a race a month alive. I believe it makes it 26 in a row. Go Me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing Grace

Sunday went for my long run, only 14 miles this weekend. After running 20 the weekend before 14 was seeming shorter. Hate to say it but the run last weekend went better then this weeks. I met Rick at the Lilly Pond with our plan to get in 14 miles. It did contain a few highlights, like doing a few loops around the track at Chaney High School and seeing the new water fountain installed by the Old Mill in Mill Creek Park.

But the oddest moment had to be while running up along Cohasset rd in the park. The road is closed but on other side of it is a church that was having service out doors. It was a nice of enough day for it and my friend Sue says she goes there and they always do it outside weather permitting. The strange occurance was they were singing "Amazing Grace." We were looking at each other. Are we that bad that we need saving? We need to have devine intervention? It was surreal. I have had run that could be considered spiritual (or I was badly dehydrated) but that was more then normal.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long run

I got in my 20 miler today. It went well, better then the last one. I didn't totally crash like last time. Legs were sore when I got done but no worse then expected. I also discovered that tropical hammer gel isnt for me. No problems with the other flavors I have tryed so just going to avoid that one.

Earlier this week I finished Born to run. Yes, hard to believe I had never totally listened to the Bruce Springsteen classic to now. Ok just kidding I actually finished reading the book Born to Run by Chris Mcdougal. It was a good read, might like it even if you dont run. It's the book that got the barefoot running debate started. If you like to run barefoot great for you. I just dont see me trying it. I understood there concept that people are born to run without shoes. And did bring up some good points.

One point was that there wasnt all the injurys like there is today till they started running in running shoes. Ok but before the running boom of 70's there were lot less runners. With more runners, more likely there would be more injurys. Also today the shape and sizes of runners are much differnt then before. In the 60's and before most runners were skinny and built like distance runners. Now you have people like me doing marathons who back in the day would never have thought of lining up for a race or marathon.

Kenyans, built like you would want a runner to be built like were mentioned how they ran barefoot and didn't get injured has much. Of course alot of that running is on dirt trails. Alot of my running is on concrete roads. I do some trails, but usually at Mill Creek Park where its technical trails with lots of rocks and some road crossing.

The one point I did take from reading about barefoot running was form may be more important then just going out and doing what feels natural. Especially if you have been injured.

Take it for what its worth, but I reccomend the book, not for the barefoot running debate but for a good read.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ups and downs

The past week has been up and down. I went for my first 20 miler in this training plan and did not go well. I had been fighting a cold and still coughing some. But I went in with high hopes of finishing. Well we stopped at 19.6, close enough but I hit the wall. It was a tough one the last 4 miles. I finished by walking/running it in. I had no gas left in the tank.

But after taking Monday off Tuesday's run felt good. Legs still sore but no more then expected. Actually better then expected. On Wednesday did speedwork. At least thats what im calling it. I did 4 1 mile repeats. Slower then I would of liked but fast enough to call it speed work for me.

Also on Monday my Hammer energy gels showed up. I ordered the variety pack, 9 different flavors to try to figure out which one I want to take with me for Cleveland Marathon. Monatana Huckleberry certainly sounds interesting. Also included were unflavored, orange, tropical, apple-cinnamon, chocalate, raspberry, vanilla, and banana. Also sent me a bunch of free samples like heed mix, enduralytes, recoverite, perpetum and a hammer energy bar. They must of known I was a brand new customer. Makes me want to go for a long run to test them out.

Good running.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yesterday I was reading Kenleys blog, the essence of running(see link above) and he was discussing his log. I found out we both had a log on running2win.com. Then realized while obsessive about tracking my miles im also obsessed with running logs. I currently track it on running2win.com, dailymile.com, buckeyeoutdoors.com, garmin training center, occasionally on garmin.com and a written log.

Let me explain how this happened and my logging history. I started off with a simple log back in 2004 when I started running. I was one Runners World gave out free for subscribing. It would still be sufficient. Then decided to keep it online at Runnersworld.com. It seemed a natural place to have one. But shortly after that they quit having a online log. Why I dont know.

So I switched to coolrunning.com and kept the log there. I had it there for a few years and was happy with it till about 2 (?) years ago they did away with their online log also. In the mean time Runnersworld had restarted their online log. But was a little hesitant to go there again. Some reccomended to me running2win.com. Thanks to the guy running it everything logged on coolrunning was able to be transfered to there and I was set. Most of my lifetime running is posted there.

So thinking I was set with running2win.com wish I still like, my friend Greg reccomended to me that I start using dailymile.com. So I did, I think its got some good features and I do describe it has Facebook for runners. Lot more ability to interact with other runners then running2win. So suddenly I had 2 online logs I was keeping up with.

Then the now defunct podcast trilogy running started a podcast challenge on Buckeyeoutdoors.com. Being a running podcast fan I got in on it and started logging on their too. I was doing it daily but since its just for a monthly total needed for the podcast challenge I now only go post once every week or 2. Once the challenge is over im done with buckeyeoutdoors, its a fine site but is a little too much with all the others.

Then back in November I got a garmin. It came with a program to install to upload all my runnning data to the computer. Luckily its quick and easy and gives me all the data for the other logs. I recently discovered the garmin website has a great log with maps included. I only go there when I want to see the map of a recent run.

All along the way I have kept a written log. But after the first year it wasn't the little one given away free by runners world but a nice one I got at the book store each year. This years was made by Bob Glover author of the Competitive Runner's Handbook.

Now if you ask me to pick one, it would be............ you gotta be kidding.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

cough drops and running

I got in 5 miles today. I was coughing less, I averaged fewer coughs per mile then the last couple running attempts. Sign im still sick was how high my average heart rate was for the pace I was going. Im supposed to run 20 miles on Sunday. That should be interesting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last Sunday March 7th I ran the Mill Creek Distance Classic half marathon. I met a great new friend Dannielle, and then promptly got sick. I been sick all week since. Its really hard to run while your coughing. So last week was a horrible week for marathon training. Hoping next week will be better. And I will feel like blogging again.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another fine mess

Today the milage started to get serious for the marathon training. This morning I met with Rick to get our 17 miler in. Bob and Todd were there at the start of it. Our plan was to loop Mill Creek park a great place to run. I had no goal pace in mind just get in the miles.

It was a good thing cause I really started hurting last 3 or 4 miles. Of course going a distance you haven't done in some time can cause some pain. Yep I guess 17 miles isnt a piece of cake. And speaking of food or fuel I need to figure out what to eat the night before a long run. Stomach was messed up during the later miles. I was trying out the power bar energy gels and may of ruled them out for future use.

Overall, the marathon training is a bit lacking. I have missed several runs so far but nothing too serious. I have gotten in the long runs and most of my speedwork or hill work I had planned. I still got 11 weeks to go so still time. I signed up for the Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon next Sunday, March 7th. It's a very hilly half, advertises 19 hills. Big selling point there. But worked in perfectly for training plan which calls for 12 miles. Hopefully it goes well, not expecting a good time but I have never had a good time running there. At least it keeps my streak alive of 1 or more races a month, February 2008 was last month without a race.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New computer and my first race has a girl.

I haven't had much time to post lately. And when I did get on computer it was taking so long to do anything I finally gave up. About all I was doing for a couple weeks was logging my run. So whats up? Hows the marathon training going? Not so great. Life and weather has gotten in the way more then once. But I have got in my long runs has planned so hopefully I still on track for the Cleveland marathon. I have till May 16th, but it can sneak up on you. I plan to do 15 miles this Sunday so hoping that goes good.

Last Sunday, yes on Valentines day I went to run the Run for your Heart 15K trail race with my buddy Bob. It was in North Chagrin park, part of the Cleveland Metro park. I had sent the money in to sign up and was later called and told they sold out already, 3 weeks before the race. A trail race. In Cleveland area. Sold out. Come on theres room on a snowy trail for more the 200 runners in 2 races. Hard to believe that many people want to run in the snowy trails and cold. The problem was I promised my buddy Bob I would run it.
So I did something I dont really agree with normally and was going to the race and running it anyways. Yes I was going to bandit the race, but I had tryed to sign up. Then the day before the race I got a message from Pam on dailymile.com and she asked me if I was still going to the race and would pick up the bag and hat they were giving away? Yes I would and hope you dont mind if I use your race number.
So Bob picked me up at 6:45 am for the drive to Chagrin park. Plenty of time to get registered has Pam. Yes, here it was Valentines day and my buddy Bob was spending the day with Pam. The 8K started first we waited a bit and noticed the runners were looking a little slow. Then we got started with 15K and found out why, the snow was deeper/tougher then I thought it would be. The course was a double loop and no good footing for most of it. There was a coupld short stints on a bike path and you sure could tell the difference. I could really feel it in my calves and ankles.
Near the end of the first mile there was the big hill. Just what you want, a steep snow covered hill. On the second loop around it was steeper then the first. Of course there was a down hill later on that was real tempting to slide down, where was my sled? We finally finished, I didn't place in my first race has a 31 year old female.
I wasn't fast but it was tough, my "girly" calves hurt for days after wards. We then went to 5 Guys Burger and Fries. Sounded like perfect recovery food to me.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 1 Review, Week 2 Goals

The week went well, no major mishaps, got in the planed mileage 30.8 to be exact so an extra .8. I got in the hill run whichwas brutal and got in the long run of 11 miles in. So I guess week 1 was a success.

On to week 2. Heres what I got planned right now. Total weekly mileage of 30 miles, another hill run, a 10K trail race and long run of just 8 miles. Maybe Ill do an extra mile to make it 9, eight just seems to short, but it is early in the training plan. I have gone back and forth about the 10K race on next Saturday but have decided to go ahead and run it. After all I have to have a February race. Plus they usally give something nice and its fun race. Last year we started the race on the lake. Hopefully week 2 goes has good has week 1..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sold Out!

No its not the newest blog entry of Confessions of a Race Addict, Its much worse then that. The race I was planning to run on February 14th is sold out already. I had was going to send it out on Monday January 19 but that was Martin Luther King day, so no mail. I let it sit around for a few days. After all who would think a trail race in February would sell out?
Then this evening I got a phone call, from the race director. She said they were only allowing 200 runners, I was number 235. I talked to her for a bit and im on the waiting list but extremely unlikely I will get in. One reason she called me was because I live over an hour away from where the race is being held. The plan was me, Bob and Rick, the RBRC, were going up to run the race. Turns out Rick didn't get in either. So do we let Bob go solo? I hate to say this but I couldnt do that and ruin the plans we had made. We made the effort to get in, I have never not signed up in time to get in a race. I have done the early bird sign up for Cleveland marathon 4 years in a row.
I guess im used to races in the Youngstown area where I often sign up on race day and worse case scenario is you dont get a t-shirt. I mean 3 weeks before this first time event its sold out. Im still impressed with that. Guess the race director has a good reputation in Cleveland area and advertised it well. They do an 8K in August on the same course so I might be back. If I get signed up in time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marathon Training Goal plan week 1

And yet another reason to not run on a treadmil. Shut Up and Run!: Re-enactment (video) I admit it im anti treadmill. Get outside and run.

Monday is the first day of my 16 week training plan leading up to the Cleveland marathon. Here's how the plan works, instead of how I normally wrote up a calendar with each days run filled in a just made a list of goals for each week. Days I run them will be decided week to week. Its kind of Jack Danielesque thing. I most likely will be running long on Sunday and speedwork on Wensday or Thursday but I will permit flexibilty in my schedule.

For week week 1 january 25 thru February 1 the goals are to run 30 miles for the week, with a long run of 12 miles and speed work will be either a 6 mile hill run or 3 mile tempo run. From now till the marahon I plan to post on Monday the upcoming weeks goal and how the previous week went.

Marathon Training here I come! In case your wondering if im relaxing or going at it this week I have a 10 to 12 miler planned for Sunday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RunRunLive podcast review

Snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight!!

The RunRunLive Podcast is chronically boring and anyone listening to a full episode must have masochistic tendencys. I find the only thing its good for is building mental toughness while marathon training. Listen to RunRunLive during a 5 miler, 26.2 miles without it seems so much shorter and easier.

Going to grab my shoes tie them tight grab some freezing cold trail run
only wimpy runners wait till the month of may get out and freeze your nuts off that's our way

Actually none of thats true. I just wondered what it was like to write a bad review. Either Im too nice or I like most podcasts. Since most podcasts are just done voluntarily I would never rip them up badly. Truth is RunRunLive produced by Chris Russell but hosted by many, including yours truly, is one of my favorites. He's got a great sense of humor, many episodes have a humorous skit or song in them. Episode 102 had the greatest rendition of "Afternoon delight" in history. I had trouble running thru it.

snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight

Chris usually has a guess announcer at the beginning introducing the podcast. He lets them plug their own podcast, blog or whatever while following the basic script. I called it once, but cannt remember which episode it was in. He often does runs with Buddy the wonder dog possibly the most famous running podcasting dog around. He usually has an interview with someone, some famous, some not so famous, some promoting a charity, product or service. The last episode I listened to he interviewed a guy doing 250 marathons this year for charity. Where does he find this people?

got screw in my shoes, so I dont have to walk, nothing better then some hill work in the freezing rain.

The RunRunLive is a fun easy to listen to on the run podcast, with some good info and some laughs. It really is the podcast for all your running needs. Just stay away from the moldy pumpkin pie. What more do you want? I could live without the imagery the ice bath chronicles gives me though.

snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday run

Today I got up in time for my 9 am run. I never used to think that 9 am was early, a while back that was sleeping in. Now that I work evenings and dont get home till 1 am its a different story. But I couldnt sleep in since I knew Bob and Rick would be waiting for me. This week they were only one's there, 2 others showed up last week.

We went on a different route then any we normally take. Mill Creek park is a beautiful great place to run. That being said we did another run out of the park to break up the ordinary and did parts of run out of the park running on the streets in Youngstown. Definitely broke up the monotony. May of also added a hill or 2. Mixing it up last week is what prompted Bob to want to do it again this week. That and since I now have a Garmin 305.

We did 11.3 miles in 2:04:54. Not a fast pace but at times felt fast, but I never stoped the watch not for traffic stops or bath room breaks or anything. Long runs Im taking lets just go out and run and it is what it is. Starting the 25th when I get more serious about my training has I prepare for Cleveland Marathon in May.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Running Stupid Podcast Review

I almost going to do a review of one of my favorite podcasts because he had bribed me with an official Running stupid kazoo, seen above. But I felt I could be objective regardless. I dont sell out that easily. Of course I have emailed him many times and now that he made me an adminstrator on the Running stupid facebook page it's hard to claim objectivity.

Coach Ken hosts the Running Stupid podcast is an ultra runner in California. He doesnt seem to take himself or the podcast overly seriously, with his laughing thru out the show makes you realize he's just doing this for the fun of it. Yep he laughs at his jokes and remarks. Much like his running, assuming you consider pain and suffering for long distances fun. Most episodes are about his training or the latest ultra he's just finished. He usually keeps it fun on lighthearted. He's going into HURT 100 miler with only Mrs Coach Ken has his crew. If he ever runs an Ultra or any race in North East Ohio I promise to crew or run it with him.

Coach Ken has several regular segments like stupid philosphy and regular updates about his hero Dean Karnazes. Beware the kazoo never know when he's going to play it! Obviously a high point. Of course if I play it on computer when my wife is home she gives me a weird looks and thinks Im stupid for listening to it. Wait till he mentions his favorite energy gel.

On the serious side, if there is one, it is great to listen to someone who loves running and races. He isnt going to win a race, and his favorite expression. All Day!! is both an inspiration and how long he's going to be out there, long after the winners have finished. You can just tell how much Ken loves being out there just running a race. That enthusiasm can inspire you.

I realize this podcast isn't for everyone, I had to listen to a few episodes before I got it. But give it a try, become a Stupidhead.

Facebook Running Stupid

Running Stupid

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday morning run

It was 9* out this morning but seeing there were 4 guys waiting on me to run made it a little easier after I got to the park. We did a different route leaving Mill Creek Park going thru down town Youngstown and thru the YSU campus. Made for a little more interesting route, but downtown looked like a ghost town. Im sure it would be a completely different and more dangerous run on Monday morning.

Friday, January 8, 2010


BHAG is Big Hairy Audicous Goal. I was listening to a podcast, Dirty Dawgs Running and he talked about having a BHAG. I liked the idea of setting a big goal for the year since I had been feeling a little unmotivated. And this is even after signing up for the Cleveland marathon. Had to get the early bird price.

So I considered a BHAG for me and came up with 2 marathons, one of them in 4:15. Or both. Now, first ones already decided it's Cleveland. Trying to come up with a second one this year. I always like the idea of running all the Ohio marathons and Columbus is a good possiblity. I think I have a place to stay there.

So started to consider the different possiblitys and without limiting myself to one state. But in being honest with my finicial abilities knew it would have to be one thats drivable without more then 2 nights away. Dont have much vacation time or hotel funds currently. The training to gt to 4:15 is an entirely different issue.

A couple of other ideas I was tossing around were doing an ultra and running 50 races in a year. Both are doable, the 50 races in a year would mean finding the right races to fit my work schedule.

So any one got any ideas for my BHAG? Any suggestions for a second marathon this year? Any reasonable idea will be considered.............

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I ended 2009 by running in the Jingle Bell run 5K. With most of the streets the race was held on snow covered I ended just slightly behind where I thought I would. In truth it was about has good has I had thought I could run in especially in the conditions.

So that means I ended 2009 with 20 races. Which consisted of:
  • 7 - 5K's
  • 1 - 4 miler
  • 1 - 5 miler
  • 2 - 10K's
  • 1 - 8 Miler
  • 2 - 15K's
  • 1 - 10 miler
  • 3 - Half marathons
  • 1 - 25K
  • 1 - Marathon

Of them I had no real PR's. I feel I've slowed down. Last couple of months I have noticed it more. But its a new year. I had some real fun races last year and hope for more of the same this year. So looking forward in a year I enter a new age group, but till August what are the goals. I gave it some thought and didn't come up with much, so I thought some. So here's what im willing to put down to blog.

  1. Finish Cleveland Marathon. Preferably under 4:30. Ultimately in 4:15.
  2. Run 1800 miles.
  3. Have more fun running or at least has much has last year.
  4. Get 2 PR's.

I will try to get some more goals. Am considering a second marathon next year but very non commital about it.