Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

I start my 7 week training plan for the Presque Isle half this week. It has mondays and Saturdays has rest/cross training days. Which is good since I actually didnt run a monday or Saturday. So I took my grandaughter Riley to a small parade. Small town parade, some cars throwing candy, a few police cars, a few fire engines and a marching band. I was worried the noise of sirens or band would bother her but she barely noticed them, which is good the noise didnt bother her. Or she distracted getting her candy.

But the week looks like this, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I have 5 miles planned. Thursays are either tempo runs or Speedwork. THis week its says 4 miles at tempo pace, 6 total. Then a long run of 10 miles on Sunday. It could be a tough plan but I think I can get thru it.

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