Saturday, May 1, 2010

April: The month in review

I must stay I felt overall April went very well. I set a new PR for most miles in a month. I finish April with 166.4 miles. I went in to Friday April 30th needing 3 miles to break the old record. I did 7. It wasn't one big week that did it, but a fairly consistent month and some long marathon training runs in there. Also unlike in March, due to illness, I got in all the planned speedwork I wanted to do. So it was a good month.
Other the last long run last Sunday, the 25th. Me and Rick went up to the Towpath Trail for are last 20 miler, we met Pam who I knew from She's alot faster then me. But said she wanted a nice easy long run. We went out too fast and it was very humid out. We did the first 10 miles about a minute per mile faster then I should of. I did lot more walking, especially the last 4 miles. I got it done, oddly enough in about same time I finished my last 20 miler in. And it was a much hillier route though. We then proceded to the Winking Lizard for post run grease and liquid pain killers.
Now Im supposedly in taper mode. Cleveland here I come.............

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