Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toe Running

If you are reading this then I am very excited to welcome you to the world of toe running! By now I'm sure that you have heard all the wonderful benifits that running on your toes can bring to your running. I won't waste your time by rehashing all the great things you stand to gain from this powerful new movement sweeping the country. I will simply describe what you will experience as life changing. The best part about all this is it won't cost you a dime. Let's see Newton, or Vibram make you the same promise! Enough talk, here are the four simple steps you can take to becomeing an instant toe runner.

Step 1: Place your regular running shoes flat on the floor in front of you.

Step 2: Insert sharp objects into heels of shoes. (I recommend a small rock just for the simple fact that they are easy to find and they are less likely to pierce the skin.)

Step 3: Put shoes on being very careful not to displace your object from the heel.

Step 4: Begin running and enjoy the new world of toe running!


Q: If I run with a sharp object in the heel of my shoe won't I hurt myself?
A: Actually studies have shown that after the intial shock of being stabbed in the foot the body releases an increased amount of dopemine which can help with overall endurence.

Q: What kind of rock should I look for?
A: This really is a matter of personal preferance but I like ones that are not so big that they lift me to high off the ground and also ones that are so small that float in the shoe to much.

Q: Do you have an instructional video for this technique?
A: Well at first I thought that one was not neccesary since the concept is so simple. I mean come on how hard is it to put a stupid rock in your shoe. Like most things though people have really surprised me, and there will be a video coming very soon.


EZEthan said...

Great idea! I was using a rusty nail, but the copay on the tetnus booster shots were really doing damage to my pocketbook...

Running Brad said...

This is the greatest idea I've read in a long time!