Monday, May 24, 2010

10 mile Sunday

Yesterday, unwise known has Sunday, I got in a 10 mile run. It was just my second run since the marathon. I started to feel those aches and pains in my legs around mile 7 or so. Not to mention the humidity was over 90%. This week hoping to get back to regular routine of running 5 days a week. Might only do 4 days but something to that effect would be nice. I was a couch slug enough this week. Really lacking motivation after marathon.

So to get me going I signed up for the Presque Isle half marathon. Next week im starting a 7 week training program for it. I want to PR there! Yep im going on record im going to try and break my half pr of 1:59:10. Its a flat course looping around Presque Isle. Only problem would be how hot is going to be. It is the middle of june. At least you can jump in lake Erie after the race. Now I just need a race in June to keep the race a month streak going, currently at 27 months in a row.

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