Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing Grace

Sunday went for my long run, only 14 miles this weekend. After running 20 the weekend before 14 was seeming shorter. Hate to say it but the run last weekend went better then this weeks. I met Rick at the Lilly Pond with our plan to get in 14 miles. It did contain a few highlights, like doing a few loops around the track at Chaney High School and seeing the new water fountain installed by the Old Mill in Mill Creek Park.

But the oddest moment had to be while running up along Cohasset rd in the park. The road is closed but on other side of it is a church that was having service out doors. It was a nice of enough day for it and my friend Sue says she goes there and they always do it outside weather permitting. The strange occurance was they were singing "Amazing Grace." We were looking at each other. Are we that bad that we need saving? We need to have devine intervention? It was surreal. I have had run that could be considered spiritual (or I was badly dehydrated) but that was more then normal.

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