Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long run

I got in my 20 miler today. It went well, better then the last one. I didn't totally crash like last time. Legs were sore when I got done but no worse then expected. I also discovered that tropical hammer gel isnt for me. No problems with the other flavors I have tryed so just going to avoid that one.

Earlier this week I finished Born to run. Yes, hard to believe I had never totally listened to the Bruce Springsteen classic to now. Ok just kidding I actually finished reading the book Born to Run by Chris Mcdougal. It was a good read, might like it even if you dont run. It's the book that got the barefoot running debate started. If you like to run barefoot great for you. I just dont see me trying it. I understood there concept that people are born to run without shoes. And did bring up some good points.

One point was that there wasnt all the injurys like there is today till they started running in running shoes. Ok but before the running boom of 70's there were lot less runners. With more runners, more likely there would be more injurys. Also today the shape and sizes of runners are much differnt then before. In the 60's and before most runners were skinny and built like distance runners. Now you have people like me doing marathons who back in the day would never have thought of lining up for a race or marathon.

Kenyans, built like you would want a runner to be built like were mentioned how they ran barefoot and didn't get injured has much. Of course alot of that running is on dirt trails. Alot of my running is on concrete roads. I do some trails, but usually at Mill Creek Park where its technical trails with lots of rocks and some road crossing.

The one point I did take from reading about barefoot running was form may be more important then just going out and doing what feels natural. Especially if you have been injured.

Take it for what its worth, but I reccomend the book, not for the barefoot running debate but for a good read.


ShutUpandRun said...

I really enjoyed the book too. Got a lot out of it.

ShutUpandRun said...

Hey Bruce! Any way I can get you to enter my photo contest? I've only got a couple of guy entries, so if you think you're interested in winning the hydration pack, you might have a good chance...