Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another fine mess

Today the milage started to get serious for the marathon training. This morning I met with Rick to get our 17 miler in. Bob and Todd were there at the start of it. Our plan was to loop Mill Creek park a great place to run. I had no goal pace in mind just get in the miles.

It was a good thing cause I really started hurting last 3 or 4 miles. Of course going a distance you haven't done in some time can cause some pain. Yep I guess 17 miles isnt a piece of cake. And speaking of food or fuel I need to figure out what to eat the night before a long run. Stomach was messed up during the later miles. I was trying out the power bar energy gels and may of ruled them out for future use.

Overall, the marathon training is a bit lacking. I have missed several runs so far but nothing too serious. I have gotten in the long runs and most of my speedwork or hill work I had planned. I still got 11 weeks to go so still time. I signed up for the Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon next Sunday, March 7th. It's a very hilly half, advertises 19 hills. Big selling point there. But worked in perfectly for training plan which calls for 12 miles. Hopefully it goes well, not expecting a good time but I have never had a good time running there. At least it keeps my streak alive of 1 or more races a month, February 2008 was last month without a race.


Kenley said...

As far as what to eat the night before, I am not sure. My longest run is only 10 miles. I wish you the best in your training however.

Julie (ROJ) said...

Oh man you were at Mill Creek I could have said HI