Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stars and Stripes 5K

Saturday I went over to Howland and ran in the Stars and Stripes 5K. Normally it is on the fourth but since 4th is a Sunday the changed it, of course the parade was still on 4th so I dont know. I guess this shows how much I go to church.
I got there and registered, regular cotton tshirt but did get a bag and a head band, reminded me of the old 70's style headband. I went did a little stretching, then a mile warm up with Rick, Todd and Todd's brother, who I forgot his name.
I lined up in middle of pack like usual. I got off to a decent start but wasnt able to keep it up the whole race, splits from my garmin show they dropped each mile. I knew th only hill was on mile 3 so I sort of expected it to be a little slower. I wasnt totally disappointed in my time, 26:15 about where my last couple 5K's have been. I just started doing some speedwork a few weeks ago so wasnt expecting miracles.

Overall a good race and may do it again some year. I trying to get a good time at the Presque Isle half marathon on july 18, If I was really worried about my time in this 5K might of not of done intervals Wednesday and 8 miles on Friday. But overall thought I had a good training week for the half.

If you want to hear me talk about it here's a link to my podcast.

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