Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey coughing

I got up this morning, at first I felt a little better then I had the last few days. So I decided not to DNS the Turkey Trot. I got out there with plenty of time, got my shirt and number. Nice shirt this year. I was too early to warm up so I sat around inside talking ot a few people I knew. I found Rick and we decided to do a warm up run. I should of realized then it was a good idea to not run hard.

I had already dropped my goal in this race. After the Peace race I orginally wanted to try to run 40-41 minutes in this race. After twisting my ankle a few weeks back I lowered my goal to 41-42, since 41:55 was my 5 mile PR it was still a good goal to go for. Then I catch a cold. Some times I just think your not meant to run good in a race. After my warm up I had decided to just finish the race. Do my best but I knew it wasn't my best day.

The race started, it was real crowded start. They announced they had 1860 runners in both races combined. The 2 mile race had lot more runners then the 5 miler. I got out alright. My pace slower then I wanted but was what I had today. I got in a pace I could run without too much coughing. I stayed under control, I realized I probably shouldnt be there today. Yep, around mile 3 I got a sudden sense or realization. Then during the mile 4 I felt I had nothing left. I hadnt run that hard but didnt feel like I had much in the tank. I almost running it at long run pace.

I got the the 4 mile marker and decided to suck it up for the last mile. It wasnt easy, since I coughed when I picked it up. Go figure. But, I dont know how to explain it, this is a fast last mile. I didnt realized it but Ron a guy I run on Sundays with often had been trailing me. He made a sprint to beat me at the finish. I couldnt just let him beat me. Some lady was caught up in our sprint to the finish and to be honest I have no idea yet him won. Havent seen offical results yet. Then I paid price for sprinting, has I had coughing fit. I went off in a corner till I got it under control. Then got some water. After that it was hard to find anyone. Pumped into Ron and guy that ran with him who said it was too close to call. I then proceded on with the rest of the day of overeating and football.


Girl In Motion said...

What a crazy picture!! It looks like you're the Rockettes or something. :-) Sorry to hear you were feeling bad today, there are some things you just can't fight and being sick is one of 'em. But good on you for holding your own at end! Hope you feel better asap.

Jim E said...

Wow, close finish! That was a brave effort, with all the coughing going on. Good Job Bruce!