Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Racing stats

Sunday I was asked about how many races I have done, what the most I have done in a year. The answer is 37 races in 2005. It consisted of mostly 5K's, 29 of them. Looking back I wasnt too bright. I had weeks my only run was a race. I think Im not has addicted has I was. I might miss a race if I wasnt running at all now. After I ran my first marathon in '06 I started cutting back in the number of races. Especially after getting more serious about my training. Heres some hard stats.

number of miles Total
Year races raced miles
2004 19 62.7 606.9
2005 37 137.2 655.8
2006 32 169.5 1100
2007 23 142.4 1334
2008 18 129.8 1344.8

I do still have a couple more races this year so those should go up for this year. So far since I started running I have a 129 races total. At one time I considered trying to run 50 races in a year. I actually think theres enough in driving distance, well long drive distance to pull it off. But I dont think I could train properly for a marathon or run the races with any intensity at all and still marathon train. So unless I give up marathons for a while I dont see that happening.

I also dont plan to give up marathoning either. I am actually looking forward to my next training plan.

I looked at the races and have done 4 marathons, 10 half marathons, 2 ten milers, 8 10K's, 7 5 milers, one 8K, 5 four milers and a bunch of 5K's. A few of shorter distances but those right now dont interest me. I rarely race under a 5K.

Where is all this headed?? Right now its headed towards Cleveland marathon in may. Im trying to get some goal out of these, perhaps a little more focused. Having this time to recover from twisted ankle gives me too much time to think. Wondering what I could do in the marathon if I set my mind to it.

But for now I have a Turkey Trot to prepare for..............

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