Sunday, November 30, 2008

Group run

I went to Mill Creek park and ran with the Road runners club. I ran 6.8 miles total, wasnt nothing spectacular. ran most of the way with Suzy. I coughed less then I did day before. I didnt get has many miles this week has I wanted but actually ran more then I probably should. So my thoughts of 1600 miles this year is getting more and more difficult. But not impossible.

November wasnt a kind month to me. I twisted my ankle, got laid off work and caught a cold. The twisted ankle and cold caused me to not run has many miles has I had planned. Now I can still reach 1600 miles, I need 162.1 miles in december to make it. It would be a big month for me. This month I ran for 121.3 miles. My best month of year was march with 162.3 miles. So do I have a huge month in me? Well the ankle is doing fine that wont be holding me back. Now the cold is a different story. Its still lingering. I need it gone, like yesterday.

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