Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Blah! I got in 4 coughing miles in. It was snowing, windy 32* out and the snow actually started to sting when it hit my face. But my cold must of got worse. I took yesterday off, but when I ran Sunday it didnt affect my running. Didnt cough till I stopped. Today I had to stop and walk several times cause I was coughing. UGG. Now Im not sure if I should run next couple days. If I cannt run without coughing, I may drop out of Turkey Trot thursday. But I got 2 days to get better and still run it. I think im better then yesterday, at least I had energy to get off couch today.

On good note, The DVD I ordered, Spirit of the Marathon came in mail today. Which is a great coincidence, I had commented on John's Blog I hadnt got it yet this morning and it BOOM! it came. I may have to comment more good things to happen there.

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