Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat....... a day late

The Runs

Yesterday and today I got in a couple of good runs. Yesterday I ran during trick or treating. Actually makes for a fun run. At least I wasnt alone, usally if I run from home I dont see too many people. Only a 4 miles but a good run. Today I got up and went over to Ricks place and we did a 10 miler around Hubbard. Got done before 9 am and it was nice to do a new route. I found a dollar on the run so it was a profitable run. I drive thru Hubbard all the time but never ran there before.

For october I got in a total of 124.5 miles. Not bad considering I was in marathon recovery. If I stick to my plan of base building for rest of year I should hit 1600 for the year. That's just under 145 miles a month. So I think if I get a really good November, and 10 today should help that. I also plan to add a short easy run for a sixth day of running each week so that will help. Long has it dont interfere with the long runs it shouldn't hurt.

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