Sunday, November 16, 2008

long run for no reason

After all my whining the last 2 weeks about my sore ankle and hip I went long this morning. Me and Rick went to park about 8 to get started. We thought we were going to have company for start of it but they didn't show up. So off we went. I was in easy long run mode, it was all about time on our feet. It was cold day, in low to mid 30's some wind and snowed off an on all day.

First part of run went well. My hip started to bother me with 5 miles to go. It nagged me earlier and I walked alot of the hills to not over do it on ankle anyways. Up hills started to bother hip and down hills bothered ankle. Mill Creek Park just isnt flat enough. Actually its not flat at all.

But we got it done and not a bad time for us, especially all things considered. Hoping to be back on track in miles and pace by end of week. Still hoping for a good run at the Turkey Trot.

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