Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Running

I decided that not running isnt good for me. Yes I had no choice this week after twisting my ankle monday. The problems were I am working night shift and the adjustment hasnt gone well. I think its been the sunniest week of the year. Not a good thing when your trying to sleep during day. I should be back on day turn in a week or so.

On top of that I seem to be eating everything in sight. I normally run most of it off. I actually think I ate more then normal partly because of being on third shift. Since I do little if any cross training normally its not like I suddenly started doing a lot of (fill in a form of cross training) Basically did nothing since monday. Of course its actually less then a week.

On top of it I feel more stressed. Which adds to the excessive eating. Or I eat because Im stressed. Its a vicious cycle.

So Ready or not! Tomorrow Im going to run. Probably not real far. And certainly not fast. But Im going to test out the ankle. I got a slip on ankle support. I wish the swelling was down a little more but I think I should be alright. Worse case if it starts to bother me I can walk. Plus it is the Road Runners club Pancake run. Can you think a better reason to run then pancakes?

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