Friday, August 28, 2009


Riley and Megan

It's been a little bit a odd week running wise. I was hoping for a big week for me mileage wise. I had an outside chance to hit 150 miles for month which is alot for me, especially when Im not in marathon training. So I went and did a 5.5 mile trail run on Monday. Not sure what happened but it must of flaired up my IT band. The side of my knee really started hurting later that evening and the next day I wake up all stiff and sore. So took an extra day off and spent some time stretching it with the jump stretch band.

I went out Thursday for a run and had a good 5 miler even in the rain. Then I gave blood Thursday evening and wondered how it would effect my running. I was light headed after it for a while, luckily I wasnt driving any where. I went on a 8 miler today and got soaked it poured thruout the most of the run. I didn't notice no ill effects from the vampire encounter. So heading into the weekend I probably wont be able to hit 150 miles for August. Saturday is a planned rest day and since I will be working all day and possibly overtime probably a good thing. Sunday I plan to go long. Hopefully no more knee problems.

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