Friday, January 25, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Last night went with Rick to see Spirit of the Marathon. It was a very inspiring movie. I left there revved up and ready to go. I liked the way they showed how elites and mid packers prepared. Wish I had those training groups around here, would be great to have that many training to run same pace to run with. OH well cann't have it all. I do have some nice places to run, especially Mill Creek Park. The movie makes you want to run a marathon. Which is good since im signed up for one. The one scene where they panned out and just kept scrolling along showing all the people running the Chicago. I thought there was alot in Cleveland last year, which had 4841 finishers in the marathon and half compared to around 35,000 in Chicago. Maybe one year I will get to NY for marathon with 40,000. For time being have to stick to the ones closer to home. In driving distance I can go to Akron, Cleveland, the Towpath. Short drive but at least a one night stay I could get to Columbus, Detriot, Cincinnati, to name a few. Now if it would just warm up I would be ready to really run.

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