Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tempo Interval

I had my best run in weeks. After trying to run with a cold I would try to run for a few minutes maybe 5 and have to walk to catch breath at what I thought was my easy pace. Then today I went to park and did the 1.6 loop for 5 miles. After first loop I decided to do some tempo intervals cause I was feeling good. Did a mile at a good pace, then did an easy pace back to start of loop. I did a second hard mile but got slowed twice by traffic. I only saw 3 cars going thru park entire run so naturally 2 pulled in front of me while trying to go hard. I was still happy with pace, first mile was probably a little too fast. Real happy with the run especially since it was done in snow, wind and 28*F. Hopefully this is a good sign, even if its going to be bitterly cold this weekend.

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