Saturday, August 16, 2008

New shoes

Today I went to Mill Creek park for my run, got in 4.6 at an easy pace. Whatever that is. I was a little worried about this run since I up thru the night with some intestinal problems. Must of got them out. This was my first run in my new shoes, same brand I been running in Mizuno Waveriders. I had them sitting on shelf in box till for over a month. I was waiting till I got over 500 miles on the oldest pair I was running in. Hoping to get rid of this foot pain. It seems to be getting better slowly, I been icing it after run, stretching, new work boots, changed my walking around shoes. Hopefully these things will get rid of this silly pain. It acts almost like planataar fascitis but its on top of foot. I had already redid laces so they wouldnt be right on top of foot where pain is.
I went to the Bycycle shop in Austintown today. I got some Hammer Gel. They didn't have boxes of them and I really didn't want to get the big bottle so I went with a variety. They only had 2 apple cinnamon so I got them and 2 banana, an orange and a tropical. They had a couple other flavors that didnt appeal to me. Might get the raspberry next time.
Tomorrow I race in the Its only my 2nd 10 mile race ever and to be honest my PR is a soft one I feel. I hope to hit 1:30:00. Its a 9 minute pace and for that distance I feel its a enough of a challenge. I wasn't going to say I had a goal but I do, so now to hope I got reach it.

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