Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I dont know why but 43 is bothering me. 40 didnt bother me and that was supposely a big one. Im no longer the meaning of life? At least its a beautiful day out. Im about to go run some speedwork with my buddy, what else would you do on your birthday when theres no races? Now does this mean I can start my new PR's? Naww I usually start that stuff over first of the year. Not sure how many miles I have done since last birthday any ways. Ok I know I could figure it out but who has the time. Dont answer that.

Ok I should get going the plan is to go run, some intervals at the park. Am I too old to hope there some nice legs there? Then out too dinner some where to be decided.

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flobaby said...

Happy Birthday, big boy!! Congrats on getting to another fun-filled mid-life year. 43 sounds like an absolute wonderful age to rock some marathons and get better then ever, and you will - it's in the cards. Have a great one!!! Woohoo, noisemakers, etc.