Friday, August 1, 2008


No running today. Went to golf found out my sister lost 310 pounds of fat. She got rid of her current husband last week. (she works at golf course in evening, doesnt golf) Then ended up at a local festival. Ran into my running buddy Rick. Then saw my sister and her husband. Been a pretty full day. Why am I posting when I'm this tired? I dont know either.
I did an experiment with adding pictures, trying to spice it up. Wasn't sure it worked till I posted it, thats why no explantions of the pictures, not that any are needed.
Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Or hope too. I usually take wife to work then go to park and run. Since I got a race planned tomorrow evening. I know I race too much, deal with it. So I dont need to get up and do anything in morning. So thats tomorrows plan. Of course I need something to do till I leave for the race at 7 PM. The race course is lined with lumanaries. Ok there candles in empty milk cartons. Well more later.

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