Sunday, August 10, 2008

Improving? knock on wood...

Today I got in my 18 miler. It went well, ran with Rick. We both finished in good shape or so it seemed. Other then the foot pain I feel good about it. It was one of my best long training runs I think I ever did. Felt better at end then I usually do.

I might actually be improving. I had a good interval workout on Wednesday. I averaged 10 seconds faster then last time I ran them at Buhl park, in March. It was faster then last week I ran them, but that was at Harding park, not sure distance was right and there was some rolling hills.

Wednesday I plan to run the Ice Cream Race 5K. Its part of my training plan not just race madness. A nice 5K race with ice cream afterwards. What more could you ask for. My plan called for alternating intervals, hill runs and 5K races on Wednesdays. The races replace tempo runs. More fun then running alone. Besides who doesnt need a dresser full of race Tshirts?

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