Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another 20 miler

I met with Rick, and got to Lilli Pond a little after 7. A little later then I wanted since we were going to meet up with some others at 9. I felt good for about a mile when I started to have GI problems. Luckily it was less then a mile to facilities. They were those wonderfull park type. Basically a hole in the ground with a board and a seat. At the time I didnt care. After that the run went much smoother. Along way I took 2 hammer gels, banana and apple cinnamon. banana wasnt bad but not has good has i was hoping. It started to heat up last few miles, got over 80 before we finished. Struggled some last couple miles, but made it. Did the same 10 mile loop twice. Its a hilly enough to be ready for most races. Did first loop in 1:45:53 and second loop in 1:46:08. So was a fairly consistent pace. Well at least at the end they were. A 10:34 pace which is about where I think I should be.

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