Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I got in a good tempo run this morning. A little warm but still not too bad out for July. My time was same has last week but heart rate was higher for run. Of course it was over 10 degrees warmer almost 70 out this week, so im sure that made a difference.

This week is a short taper for the Presque Isle half marathon in Erie, PA. Im taking tomorrow and Saturday off and easy run on Friday. Hopefully I am ready.


Ted said...

Good luck with the PI Half Marathon. What is your goal in term of completing the half marathon?


Bruce said...

I want to break 2 hours. I have only done it once and not there. Its flat, should be cool. If all goes well might be able too. Last year I was 2:02:23. 2:01:03 in '07.