Sunday, July 19, 2009

Presque Isle Half Marathon

I woke before my alarm went off at 4 AM for the Presque Isle half marathon in Erie, PA. I got ready and we got on the road about 5. After the 90 or so minute drive I went and got my number, chip and shirt. They did gender specific shirts so when she checked the list and saw I was down for a medium female shirt she gave me a funny look. Since my wife and daughter "borrow" so many of my races shirts I got one just for them. I have so "few" I wish they would run there own races.

I got ready which consisted of getting in line for the bathroom. This would be my fifth running of the Presque Isle half marathon, this was the coolest day I had run it in. Today was considerably cooler then normal mid July. So I got lined up, didn't see anyone I knew so lined up midpack or further back. I wanted to go sub 2 hours today. I wasnt sure I was in shape for it though.

Off we went! I waited to get to starting line to start watch, IM normally good at matching watch to chip time. I got off to a little bit of a slow start but made it up the second mile. I kept going up back and forthe around 9 then 9:15 starting out. They did have plenty of water stops, 9 in all. I didn't count they had them numbered. The Erie Runners club had signs before the water stops, "Water stop #5", kind of nice to know which water stop I was coming up on.

I started talking to these 2 sisters, Lisa and Karrie if I remember right, which really helped pass about 4 miles. They were running about same pace so that helped. I wasnt too far off pace but picked it up some to try to make my goal at mile 8. Apperantly the one was telling the other to catch up to me for motivation.

At Mile 10 I couldnt believe it. They lady giving times had me at 1:33ish, My watch said I did a 10:01 split that mile. Sure its just a 10 mile warm up with a 5K. I was ready to give up on goal, I know I had some leeway with chip time, (dont have chiptime from web site yet) but was a couple minutes off where I thought I would be and thought I had done a good mile and ended with my worse of day.

But I gave it my best effort to try and finish with a strong 5K. I did manage my 2 best miles in the last 3 miles. I grabbed a water from water stop #9 right before I got to the 12 mile marker which turned out to be a big mistake. I got to 13 mile marker and had already been able to see finish line. It was real close to 2 hour mark. I saw it go over 2 hours shortly before I got to the finish line but my watch said 1:59:49, which was probably my chip time. Good enough for me. But after "sprinting" to the finish line, the water I had taken didn't settle well. So for the second time this year I lost it at the finish line of a race. Luckily it was just some water. After I got it "out" I felt fine. Some guy walking past the finishing chute gave me some gatorade. While I was bent over. Then the guy cutting the timing chips off offered to wait for it. I assured him I was, which I was. No ill effects.

The girls I ran part of the race with finish about a minute and half behind me, about where they were planning to so great job! Also, this was the first time they gave out finishers medals. I like going because its a beautiful place to run a half around Presque Isle park. Often having a view of Lake Erie. Overall a good day, just short of a PR but was my best time for this course.

Mile HR
1 9:19 108 ( I dont think it was on the first mile)
2 9:00 173
3 9:14 174
4 8:58 179
5 8:57 181
6 9:12 183
7 9:10 181
8 9:23 182
9 9:16 183
10 10:01 182
11 8:28 182
12 9:15 184
13 8:51 193
.1 0:41 196

AHR 177 ( I think thats low, considering I dont think it took first mile correctly it might be)
Max 201 (must of been the dash to finish)


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Nice job on the HM!

Stephanie Nichole said...

Sounds like you had a great race... its always great when you yack at the end!!! I'll be doing the full marathon there in September... I wonder if its a similar course. How WAS the course? I heard pancake flat but I've never been to Erie.

Heather said...

I was able to get my time at Loved the race (it was my first and chip time was 1:46:05)and am coming back next year! -Heather-

Gina Harris said...

Nice race, Bruce. Funny about the shirt!