Saturday, July 25, 2009

Indian Trails Adventure run.

I got up this morning and prepared to get ready to race again this weekend. My work scheduled on Wednesday and now will be off work on Saturdays temporarily, probably till end of August. Sooo, try not to be too shocked by this I have decided to run a few races and go to a golf outing. I know, I know hard to believe. Then Greg emailed me and said he was going to be town and asked if I wanted to go for a run. I told him I was thinking of going to a race, a local 5K or a trail race an hour away in Ashtabula.

I met up with Greg and Suzy and we made the trip up to Ashtabula. I cann't remember last time I was there but now I can check Ashtabula off the list of Ohio citys I have to run yet. We registered and got our numbers and t-shirts. It's definitely a bare bones race. We warmed up, got a bath room break and it was time to get lined up Small race, I think less then 50 people for both races, they had a 8 miler and 3 miler. We were doing the 8 miler. The registration had said it was muddy, had a river crossing, and reccomended wearing insect repellant. Sounds fun!

Unfortunately, due to weather they decided the river was too rough to cross. Apperantly after talking to some people the course is different almost every year depending on conditions. It ended up being this 2 different out and backs. You actually did this one 2 mile loop 3 times. The one mile loop you did twice. It was basically flat but definitely had some mud which made it tough at spots. A few logs crossing. On the first loop a bunch of us took a wrong turn, a minute or 2 later I was back on track. There were a few tricky spots if not carefull would end up on your rear. By the second loop I quit worrying about avoiding the poddles and was going straight thru them. I actually ran it harder then I thought I might. I just did an hard half 6 days ago. I really had no plans to run this at all till 2 nights ago.

But I made it to the finish. Plenty of mud but no river crossing. I finished in 1:18:17, happy enough with it. Mud doesnt usually make for fast time.

Pros: Low key race. Muddy fun run.
Cons: No river crossing. Running same loop 3 times is a little monotonous. I thought it was a little over priced for what you got.
Overall still a good fun race.

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

congrats on a great race, loops would wreak havoc with my mind too. Btw, thanks for the recommendation on Steph's blog!