Friday, December 4, 2009

Garmin 305

I picked up a garmin 305 yesterday. Then yesterday evening went on my first run with it last night. Wasnt even sure how to work it completely except to turn it on and run. I met up with my buddy Oboba and the Emp, also known has Bob and Rick. We had planned to do a run around Mcdonald where Rick now lives and Bob is a mailman. We started at Rick's then went to where the 5K started and ran the course. Slower then I did at the race Saturday but fast enough for a fun group run.
Then we started to "free lance" on the run, which made it the perfect run for the garmin. It was a really good run overall, has usual a fun one with Rick and Bob. I want to go test it out on some of my regular runs that I had measure with the car or Or some that I never measured and just took the word of other runners for. Today, a planned rest day almost turned into a run day just to use the garmin. Might test it out on the trails of Mill Creek park tomorrow.
Now to go figure out all I need to know about the garmin 305. Any hints?


Julie said...

I have one and I really like it. I like to have mine set to beep at every mile (helps if the course isn't accurately marked) I also have 4 windows so I have time of day, pace, total distance and total time. Are you using it just for running? There's also ways to set if for cycling and I've been told swimming but haven't tried.

Jake from Garmin said...

Enjoy your 305. You're going to love it. The first tip I would give is to let it fully acquire satellites while it's sitting still. Maybe set it outside while you're stretching or throwing on your shoes. It acquires much faster when stationary than once you're already running. For more tips, here are some Forerunner tutorial videos: Even though it's a different interface, the menus and functions are still similar.