Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run Vegan Run Podcast Review

I hadn't listened to this podcast much till this week. Just a few random episodes. So I took the time this week and listened to multiple episodes. This podcast is put a on by Megan, a vegan runner in California. While at first glance I thought I wouldn't like this. The odds of me going vegan is very small. Remote. Non existant. But since she has a great name, Megan which is my daughters name. Also I found out that she has a son Riley, I have a granddaughter Riley. I also decided since I listen to podcasts about triathlons with no intention of ever doing one, why not give a vegan a chance.

Megan talks, discusses while on the run. Some times while running with Eric. She also runs with her dog Scout. On more then one occasion while listening to her I forget she's also running with the dog and think she's talking to Eric for stopping on the run to go to bathroom. To me its quite funny, but unintentional.

Most of the time I enjoy listening to her on the run conversations whether with Eric, Scout or the podcast listening. Some times and this shouldnt be unexpected she gets a little too much on the high horse when talking about food. Now I know I eat horibly and too much. I get it Vegans eat great the rest of us dont. But on the optimistic side it is nice to hear many different view points. I like to listen to this in general, but will take more then a podcast to change my eating habits. I might get certain things in this podcast better if I was twitterer more often. She makes many references to her tweets with others.

Overall its usually easy to listen to like having some one to run with. I think alot of time its just nice to have someone to run with, and Megan sounds nice. Just dont tell her I eat chickens.... and beef... and sausage... and eggs...............

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Stephanie Nichole said...

Where do you get these pod-casts from? Do you pay for them? I've been thinking about listening to something instead of music during some of these longer races.