Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dark Park

Saturday evening I went to the Dark Park Pursuit adventure run 15K. Its a fun, low key event held after dark at Mosquito lake park. Its got a comination of roads and trails and headlamps or flashlights are required to run it. Last year it was in a blizzard but this year just cold. It also had a sparse crowd. Maybe a dozen or so runners. The race director was late in getting it finalized and getting the applications out. Hopefully he still holds it next year.

I went to the race with Bob, Rick and Tom. We planned to run it together and stuck to the plan. Even in the parts where we got lost at least we got lost together. Trying to watch for signs or paint on road while running in the dark can get tough at times. Our group would of been the last one's in but some guy showed up way late for the start and ran it anyways.

We ended up finishing slightly faster then we did last year in a blizzard and not sure which year we got more lost but did manage to find the finish line eventually. The 4 of us and Todd went for a beer and food after the race where we managed to basically get ignored by the waitresses for most of the time we were there. Could it be the way we smelled?

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