Monday, December 28, 2009

run, cough, run

Sunday morning I met with the usual suspects for a run, Bob and Rick and Greg, up from Columbus, showed up with his sister Suzy. So we had a fun group for a run. We passed the Youngstown Road Runners club out running early in our run. A few more and we would of had has many runners.

Bob and Suzy cut off and did around 6 plus but Rick, Greg and Me went onward making it into a 11.8 miler. I would of enjoyed the run alot more if I hadn't been coughing so much. Probably not the best idea to run that far with a cough but glad I got it in. Plus noticed I was pushing it more then usual, according to heart rate monitor. I averaged 171 bpm on the run, lot of my runs lately been in 150's or low 160's when running alone. I guess I slack off too much when running alone, or the cold made it tougher running then normal.

Either way do always look forward to my runs with Rick and Bob and Suzy. Greg dont make it up here too often, a few times a year but usually makes for a fun run with some new stories.


ShutUpandRun said...

Stinks to run with a cough, but great job getting out there.

Lora said...

Way to just do it.

chris mcpeake said...

Way to suck it up.
good luck in the new year