Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It seemed like a great idea at the time. 7 days, 3 races. Half marathon on Sunday, 5 miler on Thanksgiving Thursday and finish it off with a 5K on Saturday. Brillant!

But it didn't start off so great. After over an hour drive to the half we ended up with parking problem and portajohn problems. One was too far away the other there wasn't enough of. I then had stomach issues half way thru the half and ended up finishing way behind my goal time. But these thing happen. I finished in 2:10 and change. Disappointed in my time on a flat course but they had a nice shirt and a medal.

I considered changing my plans, but come Thursday morning I got up and off the Turkey trot I went. I had low expectations for this race but who knows. They had a record number of runners in the 2 races, mostly the 2 miler, with over 2200 runners in the 2 and 5 milers. I lined up for the 5 miler and was still feeling a little sore for some reason. I took off the first mile was slow, but with the crowd that was expected. The second mile was a bit quicker till I noticed my shoe was untied. I tucked behind the clock at mile 2 marker and tied it so wouldn't get run over by the crowds. Never got back to the same pace ended up finishing in 45 minutes. A couple minutes slower then I would of liked but felt I made a good effort.

I was up in the air about the last race, the Mcdonald Feed the Need 5K. I hadnt preregistered so I could always just not show. My buddy that did the half and 5 miler said he wasn't up for it. The race was actually a few blocks from his house. It's a first year event so I decided to go out and see if they get much of a crowd. Many events like this are lucky to be close to a 100 runners. But Mcdonald is a big running communtity, I got there and registered found out they were out of shirts, but they lowered the price to $10 which was fine with me. I can survive without another tshirt. THey had over 220 runners in it. The race course was tougher then I expected but had no high expectations for this race after the first 2. But made a good effort on it, with the hills it sure wasn't a PR course. I finished in 27:00. For a first time race a lot of good things about it, well marked course, plenty of volunteers, lots of door prizes. Definitely put on by people knowing how to put on a race. They even had a tv news crew there filming the awards ceremony. Ok not to film my race but cause they had raised $10,000 from sponsors for the food bank. I will be back next year for this race. Might not do the trilogy of races next year.

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