Saturday, December 26, 2009

Running in the Center of the Universe Podcast review

I been looking for topics to blog about so I decided to add a weekly podcast review. I do have a long list of podcasts I listen to, some more regular then others. Since its based solely on my opinions and tastes feel free to ignore my reviews or make up your own mind. Anyways the reviews will be mostly mindless ramblings of what I

The first of the weekly review is Running in the Center of the Universe by Ashland Dave. Why is it first? Is it my favorite? Is it the best podcast? Ok actually its the one I listened to today. I had decided to start doing these a couple of days ago and this was one I had planned to listen to on my run today.

I find Dave easy to listen to and friendly. He's around same age has me. Sounds like the type of guy I would like to run with if I ever got the chance. And judging by the paces he mentions the right pace for me to run with. Also makes you feel alright if you take walk breaks on your runs. after all it is your run. I also find a 4:30 marathon a major challenge.

He does do Ultra events and other races which all gets mentioned in podcasts. In one of his latest podcasts he talks about his opinion on race bandits, something I would never do. After all its not an official race if I didn't register. But had some interesting thoughts on that and on his long run. His podcast often consists of him running and giving his thoughts while on the run.

I been listening to him about since I got a MP-3 player so I have to say his is a regular podcast. I also think he started about the same time, he just put out episode 85, which I still need to listen to. I often go weeks without listen to his podcast then do 3 or 4 at a time, its like catching up with an old friend, who I actually had never met. Of course Ashland, Virginia is that far away. I might be wrong but I may of listened to almost all of his podcasts.

Hopefully he keeps it up for years to come. Im sure every few weeks I will catch up with him on the run.


ShutUpandRun said...

I haven't yet joined the world of podcasts, but look forward to it as a way to keep me entertained while running. So keep your reviews coming!

Ashland Dave said...

Thanks for the nice podcast review, Bruce!

"Life is short but running makes it seem longer."

- a runner

[Ashland] Dave