Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jack Daniels with Glover

I taking it easy running this week since a few races in the coming week. Sunday is the Cleveland Fall Classic Half marathon in Strongsville. I hope for a good time, its a flat course if nothing else. Then going to the Warren Turkey Trot 5 miler. It ws supposed to be a big rematch but I heard the competitor had some medical issues and wont be there. But I will still be out there running it. Still up in the area about the 5K on Saturday but would be a great way to finish off a week. No real plan for any of the races, just show up and see what I got that day.

I have been looking at some different plans for next years Cleveland Marathon. After the Thanksgiving races I plan to get back to base building. I looked at several plans, including Bob Glovers, Jack Daniels, Galloway, Bart Yasso, among others. I like parts of several of them but cann't seem to find one I realy can and would stick to to a tee.

In Jack Daniels plan you pick the peak mileage and he gives you a percentage of mileage to run each week with 2 quality workouts a week. One of them a long run, the others speed work. I may do this using Glovers weekly mileage, long runs and speed work. And do the long runs in Galloways run/walk method. Just doing the run all the miles I think I can and a long run on Sundays isnt really working.

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