Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another 10 miler

The last 3 days my running went fairly well. Friday I got in a 6 miler. It was more 2 3 mile runs since I ran with Rick from his place to Bob's house. We stayed there while he told us about his trip to DC for the Marine Corp Marathon. He finished, then passed out twice in the finishing area. Left there thinking he was alright and passed out a third time on the subway. He ended up in hospital for a few days before coming home. Looks like nothing too bad, maybe some dehydration.

On saturday did a 4.6 mile run, it was mostly wet leaves covering road so made it a little tricky. Saw some guy stealing rocks. I was in Mill Creek park and this decent size rock was near edge of road in park. Obviously placed there for decoration, and he pulled up next to it and put it in his trunk while I ran past. Ok whatever.

Sunday morning I got some extra sleep since we fell back in time here. After eating too much Halloween candy, it was probably a good thing I did a 10 miler. I met with Rick at 8 and we did a nice loop around the park. Thinking the others that hadnt shown up in a while were missing a great day, if a little chilly day to run. It was fourth week in a row I did 10 miles on Sunday. I should be about ready for a half on November 22. We plan to go longer next Sunday, just so we can definitely be ready. Hopefully to add in some speedwork this week that I missed last week. Of course I had a funky knee last night/today so playing it by ear.

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