Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ask away!!

I got in a 12 miler at the park this morning with a buddy I hadn't run with in a while. He was busy running marathons. He had run 3 marathons since end of September, one of them a Boston qualifier. Made me think theres hope for me yet, last year I believe he ran Akron in 4:50ish, this year did it in 3:51. Its a hilly course, then went and ran the flat Towpath marathon in 3:18 a BQ. Finished off a week or 2 ago with a tough trail marathon. Said the winner of the trail marathon ran a 3:40. Sounded like a tough course. Now to figure out how I could do that without injurying myself.

I keep meaning to blog on a more regular basis, meaning 3 to 5 days a week but I dont think of enough things to write about. Most of my ideas come while out on the runs. So im looking for topic suggestions. I will also try to remember more from my runs to help. I also was if there's any interest in doing a Q&A. So ask your questions and next weekend they will be answered. Maybe I'll just steal some ideas from all the podcasts I listen too.

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Kenley said...

Great Pose buddy. Great job on your 12 miler with your friend. I did my first 5k yesterday and had a blast. As far as things to write about, I am a truck driver. Local but the 2 hour or so drive from Harrisburg to Phili gives me time to come up with ideas. I carry a little notebook with me and when an idea hits me, I write it down asap. Tonight I will come up with some questions for you or give you some ideas. Keep posting. Your articles are great.

Keep Running!