Saturday, June 20, 2009


NOTE: I got on here 3 times this week to post and finally today got it done. I really do try for 2 to 4 posts per week.

Since I started new job back in April I still trying to find the right schedule to run. My plan since the marathon was to run 5 or 6 days with Saturdays off. In these days do 1 day of speedwork, 1 or 2 days hit the trails, a longer run on the weekends and some easy runs to fill it in. My normal work schedule right now is Monday thru Thursday 2-11 and Saturday 8-5. This is why Saturdays became my rest day. I run mornings rest of week. This is my plan on non race weeks. Yes there will be races if you had any doubts.

So the problem was I would end up not running on Saturday go long Sunday then take monday off. Then have to run 4 days in a row, which is fine if your running 6 days but would make more sense to split the days up better. This week I ran monday, then Tuesday I ran just cause it was so nice out. And then Rick asked me to do speed work at the track on Wednesday so I went. Then took Thursday off and Saturday off. Which means I ended up doing same thing just different day. I think best plan is to run the days I can and not worry about it. If my OCD will let me do that.

Today I had a good run I met a buddy at the park to run trails. With all the rain last night it was sure to be muddy. They had a couple sections of the trail roped taped off. You know the yellow caution tape. so we had to run those sections. The one part must of been flooded the night before it was fine just lots of sticks on the trail. The other area taped off was a little tougher. A large tree was down on it, but we were able to climb over it and keep going. Got in around 9 miles total for the day on just a fun day of trail running.

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RunnerDude said...

Hey Bruce! It's hard, I know, but try to remember that it's the quality not the quantity of your runs. If you're getting in a variety of workouts in during your week (speed, tempo, longrun), you'll be just dandy. Of course I sit here typing this while I'm frustrated because I'm on vacation and my running schedule is out of whack. LOL!! Good luck!