Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Other day my buddy emailed me and asked me to meet him at the track to "run up and down the ladder." IN Glovers book I think he calls it pyramid intervals. Remind me not to answer his emails any more. It went like this:
Dist time rest
400 1:43 1:17
800 3:51 2:49
1200 6:04 4:00
1600 8:25 4:18
1200 6:13 2:33
800 3:58 2:00?
400 1:48


Marlene said...

Those workouts are fun... in a painful kidn of way! Great job. Your times on the way 'down' weren't too far off from the way 'up' which is a good thing!

Some guy named John said...

Oh, I love that workout! The hardest part is to keep from getting carried away on the 400m and 800m at the front end (which I usually do).

Jen's Journey said...

Fabulous workout! Great times as well, very inspiring for a slow runner such as myself!

Glad I came across your blog!

Keep going strong - Jen