Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ta da

I went to track met my buddy and got in some intervals. This weekly speed workout is getting habit forming. We did 5 800 meters, with a lap walk/jog in between. For a twist you had to do second lap faster then first. I must of done the first one too fast at 3:43. Next 2 were a bit slower at 3:48, 3:47. But really fell off the last 2 at 3:58 and 3:53.
I wore a heart rate monitor during the intervals. I need to figure out if the signal is wacked, or my max is way higher then the simple formulas. The simple formula of 220 minus age woudl put me at 173. But according to monitor I maxed out at 198. Ok granted this is a cheap walmart on sale heart rate monitor. And from other places checking normal resting heart rate it was close. So is my max that high or is the monitor messed up? Or use it based on that heart rate, assuming its consistent to figure out training zones. From when I wore it that might be consistent.


Marlene said...

Sorry, no idea about HR monitors or zones.

Great job sticking with the weekly track work. It will pay off!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

don't forget that those formulas don't consider you as an individual. there are a few calculations out there, but don't consider your weight, outside conditions (hills, humidity, weather, fatigue), or your fitness level. My heart rate is also much higher than the "formulas" out there, but they serve as a guideline.

Bruce said...

Mel, how much higher is yours? If its accurate, mines 22 or 24 higher.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

email me at I will send you the calculated formulas, and then my "real" zones based on a lactate threshold test i had done.