Saturday, June 6, 2009

Not much

I havent felt like much to write about lately. I been running sporadicly, but did do some speedwork. Nice things about the weeks after a marathon you can say your still in marathon recovery. But I am starting to pick up some. Did some speedwork this week in anticpation of the upcoming summer races I got planned. hoping for a real fun summer of racing. One of favorite halfs in July and possibly a new (for me) 10K this summer.
I also am thinking of starting to do something new to strengthen upper body and core, starting next week. I saw these links on Just Finish! about doing 100 pushups and 200 sit ups.
one hundred push ups
two hundred sit-ups

So, the question is do I go for it? Can I stick to it the way I do with running? Both are 3 day a week plans, so I thought of alternating them and taking Saturdays off completely. Its become an off day from running too. So I would do whatever running I have planned then whatever the number of pushups or situps that are scheduled in the plan. I think it would be me Monday, wednesday and Friday pushups, and situps on Tueday, Thursday and Sunday. So has anyone esle tried either of these with any success?


chris mcpeake said...

Doing strengh work is always helpful especially getting some core work done. Push ups and situps are a great way to start.
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Marlene said...

You are definitely entitled to a few weeks of easy running after a marathon!

I like the idea of the push-up/sit-up challenges. Good luck!