Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

I got up and headed to the park to meet up for the 8 mile trail run we had planned. I wasnt exactly sure who was going to be there but had a good idea. Bob, Rick, Greg, Suzy, Ron, and Adam were there has expected but someone I never met before was there Todd. He had read about it on the trail running website where I posted it in case anyone wanted to join. Apperantly he did. Bruce the Moose was there in parking lot finishing his run when we were starting. I guess 8 Am is late for some.

We got started out on whats part of the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic 50K & 25K route. We quickly hit the monkey trails and made a wrong turn. We usually run this the opposite direction, guess we should mix it up a little more often. After we climbed back up a steep hill we got back on course and was alright the rest of the way. We did go thru some downed trees, first time it was bunch of branches. Next time 2 trees on top of each other and I had to climb thru it. Much closer that would of been real interesting to try.

3 or so miles into it Suzy and her brother Greg turned back, I figured she would since she rarely goes beyond 5 or 6 miles. Rest of went on has planned. After we got around more then half way to the boat docks Rick decided he had enough trails and needed to get done. So took the shorter route on roads back. Down to 5.

Before we got to Big Bear trails Adam decided he had enough of the trails. So the last couple mile plus was the 4 of us. I wasnt surprised Bob was still there, no idea what expect from the new guy but he seemed fine. He might even be back to run with us. Ron finished it, he must be running good right now.

Overall, a really fun run day. Finished in under 2 hours, about 1:50. Always slower on trails and we had a few short stops I didnt stop watch for. We had 2 longer pit stops that I did stop it for. I felt I ran good today, feeling better about the running. Now to decide which race to run this month............


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Nice job on the race! Glad your training is going so well :)

Marlene said...

Great job on the trail run! must have been nice to have the company.