Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crash and burn

Todays plan was to run 16 miles. Running wise this was a bad week for running, but a great week for other reasons. But given that I had run a 22 miler 2 weeks ago and was meeting some friends to run most of the run with, mostly on trails, I thought I would be fine. What I didn't anticpate was the heat. Normally I think run good in the heat. But it would be over 80* by the time I finished. I guess I need some adjusting to the heat.
It started good. I got to the park a little later then planned and only ran 2 miles before the others showed up. But all is well. Suzy showed up first and I showed her some pictures of my granddaughter. Bob and Len showed up right on time. Then we did the loop around Lake Newport. The trails had more shade then the roads but was still hot. While I dont think it was a killer pace for the loop normally but to me going longer, in this heat, on trails it seemed to be more then I should of done. 6 miles into a run and was wasted.
We got done with the loop and Suzy called it day and went back to car. Bob, Len and me went on for a mile or so more together. Then they decided to double back, mostly I think cause of the heat. Running with Len on a long run isnt a good sometimes cause he is such a better runner. They said my face was really red. But I decided to go my way and get in a few more miles. At least get close to 16. I took a hammer gel then and walked for a bit. I kept going on the trail doing mostly a walk/run till I got off the trail and Pioneer pavillon. (Yes I know people that dont know Mill Creek park wont know where im talking about)
I sat down for like 5 minutes just trying to cool off a bit. I had to get back to my car so took the other trail back, just for some variety. Some trees were down and blocked the trails so I had to climb up the hill to get around.
I got done and was glad I survived, even though I didn't get in the 16 miles has planned. I figure I did about 11.5 miles on the trails. Im really hoping its not this hot on May 17th.

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Anonymous said...

It was super hot here today as well. But goodness is that grand child adorable! Congrats again Bruce!