Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools day

I got in a 5 miler with Bob and L today. It was my first run on the roads since last wednesday. I will probably be doing more trail runs, but maybe not has many has I did the last couple weeks. After Sunday's 12 mile trail run I did 8.3 miles on trails Tuesday. I think thru the summer I will try for maybe a 50/50 split, just to keep things interesting.

I do feel ready for my trail race on Sunday. I know I can do the mileage and with all the trail running feel ready for it. And since I dont exactly have a time goal no pressure. I am pretty certain I can PR in the 25K. In trail races I think PR's would almost have to be course specific.

I got an email from the race director. No im not special he sent to all race particpants. Or at least those that gave email address. He assured everyone the race course will be well marked. Would hate to get lost out there. He also said there will be no cups out on the course and to bring your own water bottle. Also the aid stations are stocked lot different then road races. Im sure there wont be any PB&J sandwiches at the Cleveland marathon aid stations.

He also stated in the race packets will be 2 Hammer Gels and a packet of enduralyte. There will be none at the aid stations so its in your race packet. I wonder if thats for the 50K's?? In 25K do you need them? Of course since im likely to get lost I might.

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Melanie said...

I took Hammer gels for my 30k.. i definitely needed them! Good luck this weekend.