Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been rethinking my goal for the Cleveland marathon. I orginally was going for a 4:15. But things haven't gone has good has planned. I had some shin and foot problems so my mileage hasnt been quite as high has I would like. Plus I missed a large chunk of the speed training I was going to do. I have veered off my plan too much. But the shin and foot are doing better. Lots of icing is helping. I may of had the wrong shoes too. Also hitting the trails more often might help, even though there tough technical trails. Its not totally gone but is improved.

But I did a 22 miler last saturday so I feel confident now I can finish. Without some race day magic a 4:15 might be a dream right now.

Now I amthink of dropping my goal time and basically run it to just finish the race. so now Im considering a few options. Just so you know, not running it was never an option.

First choice is still go out at a 4:15 pace and try to hold on long has I can. Hopefully things will go good and make it! If do this Im going to try and get in some speed work. I still have time to do some mile repeats and tempos.

Option 2 is go out slower at a 4:30 pace. For this I wouldnt need to kill myself. Just get some decent mileage and maybe a tempo or 3 and some runs with some easy speed work like fartleks.

Option 3 is forget the speedwork just do the miles planned and run the race, just to finish in whatever time.

Decisions, decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Tough decisions there. I'd probably skip the first option and go 60/40 for the second.