Monday, March 30, 2009

Laid off runner

I think im going to rename this podcast the Laid off Runner. It happened again and I will be off at least the next 2 weeks. At least thats what they say. I got a few applications out and plan to get some more out this week, but I dont see many places to apply to.

Any ways, I am excited about the running week ahead. I should be able to get good mileage in this week, always good. I have a few guys meeting me for a trail run Tuesday evening, Thursday probably will be running with Rick and to top it off will be running the Fools 50k/25k Fools trail race. I will be doing the 25K. No its not the big race im training for, The Cleveland Marathon, but its a race. Its only my 4th race of the year, if it gets any worse will lose my title of Race addict. Im going to it with some friends and look to have a good time there. A PR is guanrateed. I did a 12 mile trail run yesterday, Sunday, with some guys at Mill Creek Park. 2 of the guys had run the course the week before. One of them said the 12 miles at Mill Creek Park was tougher then the 25K course. So I should be in good shape for that. Hopefully this week go good, I need to get back to my speed work for the marathon. I feel good that I get the long runs with out too much difficulty. Well the expected amount of difficulty I should say.

Fools 50K and 25K Trail Run: General information


Melanie said...

sorry to hear about the lay-off! good luck this weekend's race too!

Some guy named John said...

Bummer about being laid off! Still, good luck with the training/racing.